5 Terms And Conditions To Look Out For While Hiring A Wedding Photographer

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5 Terms And Conditions To Look Out For While Hiring A Wedding Photographer

You need a specialist Wedding Photographer to take care of your special moments with the love of your life; somebody who beautifies and formalizes the memories of your D-day – ‘your wedding photographer’. To give a vision to your dream, they seal your special day with their expertise and knowledge.

WedAbout advice a careful research regarding the skills, style of the wedding photographer before finalizing one. Some more tips that could prove to be helpful while signing the deal are:

1. Finalize a style – the Album type

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Albums are the best way to keep your memories intact on paper. You need to finalize the style and the album type that matches your needs. The Flush Mount wedding album is made with’ board type’ pages and the photos are dry mounted on the cardboard. The Coffee Table Album is usually over-sized and a little more expensive. Soft Cover albums include photos in different sizes, but images are not as high quality as the other ones. The Matted Album comes with a thick leather cover and the photos are hand mounted. Decide which one is best suited for you. Tania Seth, The owner and lead Wedding photographer at Tania Seth Photography mentions,  “We offer customized hardcover photo books in various sizes such as 12″ x 18″/ 12″ X 15″ and in various kinds of paper types like Matte finish (most popular), glossy, velvet, etc. All the albums are custom designed by me.”

2. Post-production details- JPEG or RAW


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Make sure your Wedding Photographer clicks images in RAW format and then finalizes them after touch-ups and editing. Along with the hard copy, remember to ask for the soft copy of both – finished and unfinished versions of the photographs.  You should also decide on the final image resolution size.

Tania mentions,“The final images that we provide are fully post-processed JPEGs which are culled and edited by me. At times client request for the full RAW dump too, which we provide. Taking all the RAW images don’t serve many purposes though as I select the best ones and edit them.”

3. Rights to share

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According to a clause in most contracts, the wedding photographer has all the rights to the final photos and these can be used in his blogs, websites etc. for promotional purposes.  For obtaining copyrights to all your photos, you need to purchase these rights from the wedding photographer so only you can share, print and make copies without any watermark on the images.

4. Number of photos and the package offered

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You can select the number of photographs depending upon the pre-built packages designed by the wedding photographer. These packages are a mutually beneficial arrangement where both the wedding photographer deliverables and the expectations of the clients are clearly stated. Tania states,We offer a range of services including candid photography, cinematography, traditional photography and videography, pre-wedding/save the date shoots, albums/coffee table books. We mostly customize packages based on every client’s specific needs.” The number of photos (digital format), prints and albums are mentioned in the contract. Though the number of pictures shot depends upon the package selected by you. The focus should be more on quality than on quantity. “We share between 200-400 photos for each event covered”, adds  Tania.

5. Payment terms

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The terms of payment are clearly mentioned in the contract to avoid any tension and stress later. At the time of deciding the wedding photographer, both – the client and the photographer should discuss the points of the entire assignment. Wedding Photographers usually take a certain sum of money before the project and remaining after the completion of the event. The percentage of money to be taken in advance and the entire sum should be a part of the contract. “We usually take between 25 to 50% advance for booking and part of the payment before the function and remaining after handing over all the deliverables to the client. Payments can be done in cash or cheque, whatever is best suited to the client.”, says Tania.

A wedding photographer is a storyteller who weaves your love-story beautifully through his lens, and these tips will help you find a good one!

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