50 Super Stylish Bridal Face Masks Ideas for Your 2020 Intimate Wedding!

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50 Super Stylish Bridal Face Masks Ideas for your 2020 Intimate Wedding

With the widespread pandemic, the wedding industry was predicted to reach a small hiatus. Yet, love finds its way and millennial couples fashioned the concept of intimate weddings! The bridal fashion also received a great makeover. Most noteworthy of them being the addition of bridal face masks in bridal couture. 

Masks have become a key to reduce the spread of the virus and necessary in a gathering like Indian weddings. Luckily, the bride’s haven’t failed to innovate and add their own personal touch to them! The plain old mask you know has been upgraded to different varieties ranging from heavily embellished, laced, beaded, printed, embroidered and what not. The list has no end. You can choose from the large pool of designer options available online or even DIY them at home!

So, which wedding mask should you plan to wear for your intimate wedding? You could feature a pattern similar to your outfit, coordinate with your partner’s attire or personalize with text and contrasting colors! For comfort and full face coverage, you can always include a fitting nose wire and head strap. The key lies to how you style it! Fortunately, we have a perfectly expansive list of bridal face masks that will have you dreaming about your intimate wedding! What’s your pick?

1. Gota Patti Infused Silk Face Mask

silk red bridal face masks with gota patti border
Via: The Wedding Files

This gota patti adorned silk mask is definitely a comfy pick, especially for longer durations. Plus it goes perfectly with the bride’s red traditional bandhani banarasi saree! Don’t skip out on heavy khol rimmed eye makeup like this bride. That’s because along with your gorgeous mask, your eyes will be greatly highlighted!

2. Beaded Pastel Bridal Face Mask

pastel pink bridal mask with sequin flowers and crop sequin pastel blouse for Indian bride
Via: Studio Kelly Photography

With glamorous face masks like these, we are sure you will bid farewell to the conventional naths and radiate your bridal beauty. This bride opted for the same color mask as her wedding lehenga, however went easy on the embroidery and embellishments on her mask! This is what we call striking a balance!

3. Turquoise Blue Mask With Colorful Floral Embroidery

turquoise blue face mask with pastel embroidered flowers and crop floral blouse
Via: KALKI Fashion

You can never go wrong with embroidered attire, whether it’s a blouse or a mask! This bride took coordination to another level by picking a face mask similar to her mehandi lehenga blouse. The pastel embroidered flowers pop out gracefully on the canvas of a offbeat tuquoise bridal face mask.

4. Swarovski Stone Embedded Bridal Face Mask With Inscribed Text

face masks for Indian wedding with sequin text saying bride
Via: Asectic Studios

Patterns are an obvious choice, but how about a personalised text embedded on you face mask? Well, this bride beautifully bragged being the prime person at her wedding through her stone-studded inscribed mask! The jewelled mask greatly compliments her outfit, twinkling bridal chudas and metallic gold-pink eye makeup.

5. Velvet Bridal Face Mask With Lace Details On Edges

velvet red bridal face mask with kohl eye makeup and bold brows
Via: Photo Paparazzo

Who said your bridal face mask needs to be the same hue as your bridal attire? Drop a shade darker to contrast with your outfit. This bride slayed the combo by also opting for a rich velvet fabric to accentuate the look! Ultimately, your bridal outfit radiates your style and personality. So don’t fret too much and experiment to your heart’s content!

6. Color Coordinated Face Mask For Marriage

couple posing with wedding simple face masks
Via: Dipak Studios

Minimalistic masks can do wonders to your bridal attire. If you are donning a heavily embellished clothing, choose a subtle mask just like ravishing couple! This prevents your overall attire from looking excessively flashy. Plus, the elasticated ear straps will surely render utmost comfort if you plan on wearing the mask for longer durations and ensure best fit.

7. Intricately Embroidered Cherry Red Face Mask

red embroidered face mask coordinating with bride's lehenga and ruffle blouse
Via: Weddings By Reflections

Although it’s trendy to use the same pattern as your lehenga for the mask, it’s good to notice when the attire looks too over-the-top. While the lehenga and mask are heavily embroidered, this bride picked a solid red blouse for contrast. Balance is the key when it comes to choosing the right type of mask!

8. Pastel Pink Bridal Face Mask With Intricate Florals

pastel face mask with golden embroidery for 2020 intimate weddings

Can’t wait to slay the pandemic bridal fashion? Then pick this floral embroidered bridal face mask for your intimate wedding needs. Thankfully, coordinating masks are surprisingly easy to make with the help of leftover cloth from your blouse or lehenga. You could even DIY one from the comfort of your house!

9. Digitally Printed Personalized Face Masks for Wedding

Indian intimate wedding couple with their face print face masks
Via: Asectic Studio

Worried about the mask covering 3/4th of your face? Then we suggest this quirky personalized masks that are digitally printed with your own face figures.

10. Golden Print Pastel Wedding Mask for Brides With Dangling Stones

offbeat pastel indian wedding face mask with hanging small stones
Via: The Wedding Files

Who said you can only play around the embellishments and embroidery in your bridal face masks? This bride sported a beautiful block printed stone accented mask that also matches perfectly with her bridal outfit. The result is a modish look, that’s an absolute head-turner!

11. Sequin Embedded Bright Pink Face Mask

We can’t forgot sequins, a quintessential element for bridal attires, can we? This sequined bridal face mask coordinates well with the bride’s bright pink lehenga. We just can’t get enough of the charisma and charm flowing from the eyes of this lovely bride!

12. Monogram Engraved Personalized Face Mask

Monogram Engraved Personalized Face Mask For Wedding Couple
Via: Malis

If you spend days coming up with a special logo or monogram for your wedding, then this pick is for you! Look at how Vaidehi and Rushabh engraved their name initials on a solid face mask. Not only does it look adorable, but also appear to be rich and unique. We always adore couples that go all out for their wedding prep!

13. Vintage Mask With Intricate Golden Embroidery

Stunning Mask With Intricate Golden Embroidery For Indian Bride
Via: Rimple & Harpreet Narula

How beautiful is this heavily embroidered beige mask? The golden dori embroidery perfectly blends with the golden work on the outfit.

14. White Mask Dotted With Silver Sequins

bride twirling with offbeat lehenga, red sneakers and white sequin dotted face mask

This bride radiated her funky side by donning up in an indo-western outfit, red sneakers and a white mask with silver sequins that coordinates with the outfit and looks ultra-stylish. Now that’s safety and style, two birds with one stone!

15. Pastel Floral Print Face Mask

floral print pastel mehendi ceremony face mask
Via: Vishal Seth Productions

Think of your mask as an extension of your outfit! This eye-catching pink floral embroidered mask can easily complete your mehendi look. Additionally, elegant masks like these not only accessorize your wedding attire but can also be a stylish option to be reused post your wedding! This bride complemented her face mask with bright blue lenses that helped her eyes pop.

16. Solid Red Couple Coordinated Mask

couple coordinating red plain and solid bridal face masks
Via: Magic In Frames

It’s not always necessary to pick a heavily embellished or sequenced mask for your D-day. You can always go with a subtle and solid plain mask if you wish to keep it simple and minimal.

17. Unembellished Beige Haldi Mask

solid plain yellow haldi ceremony face mask
Via: The Wedding Files

Here is another example of how you can still slay by choosing a solid unembellished mask. Remember, sometimes less is more!

18. Face Mask Made Of Real Flowers

Flower jewelry is a common accessory for mehendi ceremonies, who doesn’t love them! The latest addition to the couture, however, are floral bridal face masks! And we’re not even talking about embroidered flowers, it’s a bunch of really authentic flowers. Now that’s a twist we call a breath of fresh air!

19. Zardozi Printed Face Mask

White zardozi geometric print simple face mask for bride
Via: Kulwantsm

If you have a thing for printed apparels, then get your bridal face mask printed as well. You can opt for a fabric of your choice and add on a print to finalize the look! Pick this option especially if your attire is heavyily embellished to balance things out.

20. Couple Color Coordinated Pastel Mask

couple pastel pink wedding face masks photograph

You can also pick a color that’s common to your & your partner’s outfits! Like this couple opted for a pastel hue with minimal embellishments and looked extremely elegant.

21. Jeweled And Sequined Heavy Golden Face Mask

This bride treated her mask no less than jewelry and decorated it with copper sequins, beads and threads! If you’re not the one to shy away from the ott glamorous choices, then something as glitzy as this will be your best pick.

22. Yellow Floral Haldi Ceremony Face Mask

Yellow floral haldi ceremony mask with coordinating blouse
Via: Paran Singh Photography

Bhavdeep Kaur’s statement face mask made of her blouse fabric looks simply stunning! This is yet another example of how masks made from the cloth of your attire look exceptional. However, you can keep your blouse neckline, sleeves and cuts rather simple, so that your mask doesn’t go over-board even when it is made of the same fabric!

23. Embellished Bride and Groom Face Masks

bride and groom text print couple mask
Via: Asectic Studio

This duo aced the personalized ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ text embellished masks. This is how you twin in style!

24. Outfit Coordinated Couple Face Masks

Indian couple posing with black and silver mask for intimate wedding
Via: Rajesh Digital

While couples out there are coordinating masks with each other, this pair wore masks in accordance to their own outfits and STILL managed to shine!

25. Light Yellow Mask With Lace Detailing On Edges

solid yellow haldi ceremony mask with white lace embroidered borders
Via: Weddings By Reflections

Simplicity can do your bridal face masks wonders! This bride sets a perfect example of how you can look ravishing by picking a mask with a simple laced border.

26. Couples Who Coordinated Their Masks With Outfits

This is yet another couple that made bridal face masks an extension of their own outfits. If you want to keep things simple and classy, then this one’s for you!

27. Copper Mask With Geometric Net Mesh Design

Copper mask with geometric net mesh design and copper brown lehenga
Via: Ravindra Photo Sales

Copper is the color of bold and classy vintage brides. This bride matched her bold eyes and metallic copper lehenga with a copper glitzy mesh design mask, picked from the sleeves of her lehenga blouse.

28. Vibrant Couple’s Floral Face Mask

You can never go wrong with vibrant floral prints! If added to a mask, this print can give out a charming look and brighten your evening. Look at how this couple looks adorable even though the mask has nothing to do with their outfits.

29. Golden Dotted Red Wedding Mask With Pleated Edges

red bridal mask with golden dots and pleated edges bottom
Via: Rajesh Digital

Instead of the outfit, why not match the face mask with your jewelry? Just like how this bride matched her gold dotted red mask with her bright red chudaas!

30. Plain vs Embroidered Couple Face Masks

couple posing with plain and embroidered face masks
Via: Rajesh Digital

Hello, all the grooms out there! Need a face mask idea for your special day? Try matching your face mask with your tie and shirt. We adore this couple’s face mask idea, where bride opted for an embroidered mask that matched her outfit, while the grooms mask was coordinated with his tie!

31. Patch Patterned Pastel Pair Masks

patch print sewed for couple face mask wedding ceremonies

Patch pattern is a dainty idea to use for bridal face masks with your partner. The couple opted for matching masks that are fashioned from the groom’s kurta. As long as the outfits and mask have the same color scheme, the masks will definitely complement the overall attires!

32. Outfit Mask Coordination With Bridesmaids

outfit coordinated masks with bride and bridesmaid in pastel and traditional red lehengas
Via: Mehar Photography

Getting clicked with your bridesmaid will be much more fun when you’ll sport matching masks.

33. Customized Mask With ‘Bride’ Inscription And Doodles

white face masks with bride text and diamond ring
Via: Asectic Studios

Mark your status of a voguish bride with crystal embellished text inscription in your bridal face masks. You can even have add-ons of a ring or your initials to give it a personalized touch, just like this bride did!

34. Floral Golden Embroidered Bridal Face Mask

couple embroidered floral face masks beige crème
Via: Rajesh Digital

Be a trendsetter by playing around with the embroidery design, like our bewitching bride! We are also crushing over the groom’s neatly embroidered mask, featuring the exact embroidery from his sherwani.

35. Embroidered vs Solid Mask Coordinated With Outfits

Bride and Groom in blue & olive green wedding face masks coordinated with their respective outfits
Via: Rajesh Digital

This groom picked a matching mask with his turquoise blue suit, while the bride chose an embroidered olive green outfit and matching embellished mask.

36. Solid Red Mask With Floral Additions

solid red mask with craft flowers for wedding ceremony
Via: Aashishtaj Photography

Pick a solid base and add on different elements like flowers, gota or even lace! If you have an artistic mindset, then think of your mask as your canvas. You can easily DIY something for yourself.

37. Tie n’ Dye Print Bridal Face Mask

Are you a fan of tie and dye clothing? Well, luckily you can incorporate that ideas in your mask design as well! Make sure your pick shades complementing your outfit.

38. Zebra Print Bridal Face Masks

white and dark green zebra print wedding mask for safety
Via: Delhi Velvet

Style with safety has become the motto of 2020. If animal prints are right up your alley, then don’t hesitate to use them while designing your mask! Something as universal as a striped zebra print will look good on you, no matter what the color of your attire is. Additionally, make sure your mask fits well, offers optimal coverage and is comfortable to wear. You can always test wear it before your finalize your mask.

39. Dulhania Embroidered Pink Hued Face Mask for Wedding

pastel pink dulhaniya text print bridal face masks
Via: Allied

You’ve already seen text inscribed mask with brides and grooms, but this quirky ‘dulhaniya’ mask takes the cake! Not only does it have a quirky allure, but the pastel hues look absolutely gorgeous on this bride.

40. Red Beaded And Solid Green Couple Masks

contrasting couple red jeweled and solid dark green face masks
Via: Shashank Issar Photography

Correct play with contrast can change the whole outfit game, especially when it comes to safety accessories like masks. While the groom picked a dark green mask which coordinated with his outfit, our bride here went for contrast and chose a beautiful zardozi silk mask with beautiful gold beads.

41. Digital Text Print Adorable Couple Face Masks

cute phrase text print solid black white couple face masks with 'will you marry me?' and 'I said yes' text
Via: Asectic Studios

Customize your mask to let the world know your love story. With a slew of color and text options, the set can be personalized to match your taste! If bride and groom texts are too generic for you, why not narrate your proposal story for your guests to fawn over? This couple is a perfect example for that idea!

42. Floral Applique Work Wedding Mask for Brides

bright pink applique work mask and solid beige bridal face masks for intimate wedding couple
Via: Joint Productions

If you love minimalism, then this one’s for you! This bridal mask made of cute floral applique work over the pink silk fabric is an easy win-win choice for your intimate wedding ceremony.

43. Pastel Blue Bridal Face Mask With Lace Embroidery

lace embroidered pastel blue bridal face masks
Via: Mak Images

If you are looking for something different and unique, this elegant handcrafted pastel blue mask is just the right piece for you! The intricate lace embroidery is not only subtle but super eye-catching.

44. Red Floral Sequin Bridal Face Mask

red lace sequin embroidered heavy bridal face masks
Via: Vishal Seth Productions

This pick is for you if you love bold designs! The craftsmanship on this beaded little number is honestly breathtaking. It has consistent splash of tiny sequins, lace, and embroidery.

45. Digital Floral Printed Bridal Mask

digital floral print bridal face mask with groom
Via: Rajesh Digital

Add a little romance to your look on the big day with this breathtaking digital floral mask! It’s simplistic and easy to make as well, plus it looks so fresh and beautiful.

46. Contrasting Couple Mask Design

contrasting couple mask with zardozi crystals and name initials
Via: Studio Kelly

Contrasting couple masks are trending! This couple is a prime example of that and plus points go to the thoughtful details on them. While the bride’s mask features zardozi work, the groom’s mask has their initials etched on them.

47. Bronze Sequined Face Mask

This entry has the perfect blend of grace and glam! Our bride completely slayed this glitzy sequined and glittery mask that matched her dress while the groom contrasted with a solid black one of his.

48. Quirky Swirl Print Couple Masks

swirl print offbeat face mask for groom
Via: Vishal Seth Photography

We’ve already had geometrical lines, flowers and florals, but we haven’t forgotten the old school swirls yet. The groom’s swirl print mask with beaded embellishments is a definite addition to your to-try mask list!

49. Classy Silk Embroidered Wedding Masks

Muted Pastels will always be your best friends, no matter what color clothing you might be wearing. While this bride opted for a beige-colored silk embroidered face mask for her red wedding attire, the groom too coordinated in another esthetic pattern embroidered ivory mask.

50. ‘Team Bride’ Matching Emerald Green Face Masks

brides and bridesmaid matching green bridal face masks
Via: Mak Images

Don’t forget about the constant support from your bride tribe and take this opportunity to twin your face masks with your bffs! These friends dolled up in emerald green face masks with golden beaded texts are a perfect example of such an idea. There’s nothing more lovable than showing your appreciation for your friends on your special day, make sure they know you love them!

This marks the end of our list of bridal masks for intimate weddings of 2020. How did you find the new trend of bridal face masks? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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