Top 5 Options for Centerpieces for Wedding Décor

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Top 5 Options for Centerpieces for Wedding Décor

  |   4 years ago

Centerpieces play an important role when it comes to displaying your personal style in the classiest way possible. After all, centerpieces for wedding décor are the most eye-catching element of a wedding table.

WedAbout brings you the latest trends for the centerpieces for wedding décor that are hot right now.

1. Stand out vases and T-Cups

centerpieces for wedding décor

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Flowers are the first decoration item that come to mind when we think about a wedding. Now think about giving a twist to this classic centerpiece for wedding décor. Using stand out vases is one of the best ways possible. You can use your creativity and style to design your own vases or put together different elements and vases and make one big centerpiece. Using small tea cups is one outstanding idea for centerpieces for wedding décor.

2. Go rustic with Candle Stands

centerpieces for wedding décor

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If you want a rustic vibe then go for elegant candle stands that are total on point centerpieces for a rustic themed wedding. Candle stands are an absolutely beautiful sight to behold at night. What better way to infuse the atmosphere with romance than to use such candle stands as centerpieces for wedding décor?

3. Fire and water

centerpieces for wedding décor

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Candles floating in the water along with some lovely flower petals will definitely set a romantic mood. And well, wedding are all about romance. Create your personalized fire and water centerpieces for wedding décor with using different glass or metal bowls in a variety of colors and complementing them with flower petals.

4. Seasonably appropriate

centerpieces for wedding décor

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For a summer wedding, you can go for lush green decorations. Using wheatgrass patches are one hot trend. For a fall wedding, you can make a bold statement with a glitter decorated or jeweled pumpkin, fresh flowers or candles in bold colors and they all look stunning as centerpieces for wedding décor.

5. Amp up your flower game

centerpieces for wedding décor

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So yes here we are talking about flowers again, but this time, it’s not a normal flowery decoration; Up your flower game by using all kinds of tropical flower or seasonal flowers. Use a variety of flowers that are different from the classic roses or lilies used. Tropical flowers are the new hot trend now.We hope that this gives you the inspiration to make a statement with centerpieces for wedding décor.

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