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Wedding Trends that will make you Awe for them-WedAbout

Time keeps on changing and so do the trends. So why do you stuck with age-old trends? Your wedding is your special time. So, give your wedding the dash of latest trends that will make your guests awe for them. Let your wedding be all traditional with a tinge of latest wedding trends. Make your wedding memorable with these hot wedding trends.

WedAbout has curated a list of cool wedding trends that can add glamour to your wedding.

Unique Wedding Invites

Wedding Trends Wedding Invite

Wedding Trends Do It Techies Way

Wedding Trends

Invitation cards mark the beginning of your wedding. Wedding invites have now taken a completely new look with a blend of modernity and freshness. Be it “Save the date shoot” or an “Online invite”, couples are now looking out for trendier and innovative ways to announce their wedding and to send invites. Regular wedding card accompanied with a sweet box finds no place in ongoing wedding trends.

Pre-Wedding Honeymoons

Wedding Trends

Wedding Trends

Photo Credit @ Nitin Arora

Going for a honeymoon is an age-old practice for hundreds of years. But, going for a vacation as a couple before the wedding is among the coolest ongoing wedding trends. Popularly known as mini-moon, before marriage honeymoons are the coolest thing these days giving the new couple a lot of fun and lively moments.

Wedding Teasers

Wedding Trends Photo Credit @ Shaadi Shaandar

Photo Credit @ Candid Kama

Wedding teasers are completely on these days. A short film, depicting the romantic life of the new couple to announcing the wedding is a sheer pleasure to watch. Wedding teasers beautifully capture the exotic moments of the new couple while encapsulating the romance that the couple shares. Wedding teasers create a perfect lifelong memory for the couples giving them a cool entry in the list of wedding trends. These Wedding Teasers will give you enough reasons to opt for this fabulous wedding trends.

Destination Weddings are Hot this Season

Wedding Trends Photo Credit @ CoolBluez

Wedding Trends

Couples these days prefer to have a more intimate affair in a far-off serene location. These more economic and private weddings, let the couples and their family to enjoy the wedding to the fullest. Arranging destination wedding is easy and gives more relaxed moments to both the couples and their families.

Quirky Entry for the Bride

Wedding Trends Photo Credit @ Wedding Story

Wedding Trends Photo Credit @ Nitin Arora

Wedding Trends

Days are gone when bride needed to walk down shyly to her wedding aisle. It’s the world where women enjoy each and every moment of her wedding. From a fun photo shoot with bridesmaid to dancing down to her wedding stage. Quirky entry of bride is gradually becoming one of the most loved wedding trends of every Indian wedding.

The Pom Poms are one of the Suave Wedding Trends

Wedding Trends

Wedding Trends Photo Credit @ Fottowalle

Pom Poms are one of the hottest Wedding trends of the season. From wedding decor to wedding jewellery, Pom Poms top the chart of most unique prop. These wedding trends have become so popular that every bride wants to dress in Pom Pom jewellery and the couples wish to get their wedding a Pom Pom decor.

Ladkiwaale and Ladkewale Ids

Photo Credit @ Coolbluez

Photo Credit @ Nitin Arora

Photo Credit @ CoolBluez

The competition between bride side and groom side is nothing new. But there is a new twist to this age-old tiff. Among the latest  trends is that both the sides wear their respective Ids. The ladkewaale Ids or the ladkiwaale Ids.

Hashtags tops the list of latest Wedding trends

Wedding Trends Photo Credit @ Nitin Arora
Wedding Trends Photo credit @ Shutter Down

Wedding Trends

Social media aka Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc. are ruling our complete world. How can then be wedlock left aloof from this wedding trends? If you have that “Social Media keeda” within you then hashtags tops are the latest wedding trends that you ought to try. They rocketed to fame on Twitter.

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