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The Art of Makeup by Vinnie Kapoor-WedAbout

Makeup does not mean hiding your true self. Vinnie Kapoor, a professional makeup artist, believes that makeup brings the best out of oneself. She runs her makeup studio named GILD since last 3 years now. And GILD rightly stands for “Get the Image you Love and Desire”.

We had a great discussion with Vinnie Kapoor recently. Here, WedAbout brings to you her makeup insights and her passion of Image Makeover.

A Passionate Makeup Artist

Makeup Vinnie Kapoor

Photocredit@GILD by Vinnie Kapoor

She loved and fantasized about makeup since childhood. Experimenting on friends, cousins, relatives and herself; she has done it all. A former Image Consultant who loved to mentor on Image makeover decided to take up full-time makeup and follow her passion.

She is self-learnt but she has gained insights from workshops of International makeup artists.

Experience And Research- Her Products

Makeup Vinnie Kapoor

Photocredit@GILD by Vinnie Kapoor

 MakeupVinnie Kapoor

Photocredit@GILD by Vinnie Kapoor

When asked about if she uses any specific brand or product, she was quick to reply, “She does not use any product without using it herself”. Not only that she does a lot of research on the products and its contents. She loves to find out different uses of the products. Thus, customers can rest assured when they get their makeup done by Vinnie Kapoor.

Vinnie Kapoor on Different Aspects

Vinnie Kapoor

Photocredit@GILD by Vinnie Kapoor

Well, she is the one who can emulate the makeup from any magazine cover or any Bollywood actress. But for one, she is not the one who follows only directions. She eyes for the right makeup on the right person. We asked her to give her opinions on the following and she replied most candidly.

Makeup For Dusky Brides

She says curtly, “the word dusky should be dropped altogether.” She adds that, so many people in the world just die to get a skin tone like a tan and dusky skin. According to her, best makeup for such skin type is Glossy. And the colour palette should be warm tones rather the cool ones.


Contouring is something she loves. She feels that in this Instagram friendly world, it is the need of the hour. Especially for a bride who is going to be clicked from every angle, it is necessary to highlight her strong features.

Acne Prone Skin

Vinnie Kapoor says that when she has a bride who has skin issues, she would recommend her to visit a dermatologist first. Also, she makes sure to use skin products which are skin friendly and does not have any side effects.

Tattoos And Marks

There are many people who have tattoos or marks which they would like to hide with makeup. Vinnie Kapoor knows very well how to manage them

False Lashes and Brows

Vinnie Kapoor feels that it is very important part of makeup and it is important.

Current Makeup Trends

Vinnie Kapoor

Photocredit@GILD by Vinnie Kapoor

Vinnie Kapoor feels that “Makeup trend for current season has to be the metallic look. If last year was all about glitter then now it is metallic shades in lip colour and eyeshades.” she also feels that all brides should now choose HD (High Definition) makeup only for best video coverage and photographs.

Tips for Brides From Vinnie Kapoor

Vinnie Kapoor

Photocredit@GILD by Vinnie Kapoor

For all the beautiful girls who are going to be brides soon, Vinnie Kapoor has three important things to share and they are. ” Hydrate, Hydrate and Hydrate”. Have liquids in good quantities for a glowing bridal skin. Another important aspect is to use oils for skin unless you have very oily skin. And lastly, do apply moisturisers and lotions at night. it is the best time when your skin gets to rest and time to heal.

For daily use, she suggests using a Gulabari. Just sprinkle on your skin and see it freshen up. Another therapy could be rubbing ice on your face. If you have applied makeup on your face, then don’t wipe but just dab with tissues for keeping makeup intact.

A Word on Selecting Your Makeup Artist


Photocredit@GILD by Vinnie Kapoor

Vinnie Kapoor asks the brides to be careful in selecting their bridal makeup artist. It is necessary to have a personal touch with them as you exchange a lot of information. Lastly, do take a prior consultation and trial so that you know what you will have on your best day.

We hope all brides find this information useful and important to decide on their bridal makeup artist.

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