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6 Ideas To Make Destination Wedding A Great Fun Event

Destination weddings are making the hype these days. While they bring a whole new excitement to your wedding it also calls for some extra efforts and lots of brainstorming. The efforts include setting up everything in the foreign land, searching the best local wedding professionals (photographer, caterer, wedding planner, etc.) and ensuring that everything goes smoothly. All these things may make you go aarrghh!! but you certainly don’t want it to pass on to your guests.

For all the arrangements you are doing are to make the wedding a never forgettable event for you and for your guests. To make your wedding a unique and to offer your guests an amazing hosting WedAbout presents you some ideas to make your destination wedding more fun. Here they go:

1.Send Luggage Tags With The Invites

Destination Wedding

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Invite your guests for your destination wedding in a unique way. While you send them your wedding cards send them some personalized luggage tags for the ease. Often the luggage gets shuffled due to the identical cases. The personalized luggage tags will not only save you from the hassle but make your guest enjoy coming to your wedding.

2.Offer A Welcome Note With Local Site Seeing Suggestions

Destination Wedding

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When your guests arrive for your destination wedding, offer them the welcome note with some suggestions to the local site seeing. This will make the whole destination wedding idea a whole fun for you and the guests.

3.Let Your Guests Immerse In The Culture

Destination Wedding

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Indian weddings are all about food. Your destination wedding can be so much fun if you offer your guests the local specialties. Serve the food in the local style and include a few delicacies from the local menu.

4.Give Your Guests Some Dancing Shoes

Destination Wedding

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Without dance, an Indian wedding has no soul. We cannot conclude a wedding until and unless the guests get sloshed with excessive dancing. While dancing with the formal shoes and high-heels can be a tough job you can offer your guests some dancing shoes which are comfortable and best for dancing.

5.Draw A Hand Painted Guests Book To Seek Advice


Destination Wedding

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The couple might wish to seek the advice from the guests to lead a happy married life. Why not do this in a creative manner. Call in a local artist and ask him to hand paint you a book with local art for the guests to write their advice for you.

6.Offer Them Thank-You Card With Local Memories

Destination Wedding

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You must be thankful to your guests to come all over to the foreign land for being a part of your special day. Thank them in a special way and offer them a thank you card that reminds them of the place every time they see it. You can include some souvenir of the local art along with the card or get a photograph printed off the local spots on the card.

With all these things you will have a destination wedding that will be not special for you but for the guests coming over. They will thank you for such a great experience.

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