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Puzzled If You Are Ready for Wedding? Explore These Sure Signs

Possibly all of us go through this phase in life!! We are confused when to get married, who will be that right man and how to deal with life after marriage. Wedding, perhaps, is one mega decision. We try and ensure the game is played perfectly.

This specific game called wedding does not have set rules. However, few signs here and there might just help you to take that bing leap at the right time.

Explore these common signs for Wedding planning:-


Future TogetherWedding

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When that corner of your mind sees you or him as “us,’’ know for sure time has arrived to tie the knot. The conviction for future is the first step to lock on wedding plans. Consciously or subconsciously when you start planning for the life ahead, look no beyond than the Mandap!!!

Simple PleasuresWedding

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When you find yourself looking forward to sharing the simple pleasures of life, you can safely take wedding decisions. Nothing can bet a happy Indian Wedding as much as frill-free companionship. Food, Books, Pets or Travel, these are potent platforms to decide on Indian Wedding.

Pat on BackWedding

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Encourage and support works miracles in Indian Wedding. When you discover constant encouragement in the relationship towards each other to achieve goals, the time has arrived for wedding planning. Unflinching support goes a long way in sustaining a marriage.

Share InsecuritiesWedding

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Human Beings are protective about their insecurities. We seldom feel free to share our fears or apprehensions. And the day you start sharing insecurities comfortably with your companion, know for sure you are ready for beautiful Indian Wedding.

Move Beyond Convenience


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Often man-woman relationships exist on convenience or benefits. One fine morning when you realize that you are not looking for security or comfort in the marriage but wholesome companionship, you are just ready for Indian Wedding. Not only ready to marry but you are convinced to win overall hurdles ahead.

No Commitment Phobia


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Many of us suffer from commitment phobia deep inside. We hesitate for a lifelong bond. We are unsure if we can pull off the duties. Until the time you are completely convinced that you can stand by the relationship in turmoil and triumph, do not indulge in Indian Wedding planning. Someday the souls will nudge for that forever. Hang on till then!!

Contemplate Live-inWedding

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Movie and dinner dates are different ball game compared to staying together under the same roof. Indian Wedding is all about living in the same confines and loving (or even hating) each other for the same. If you are toying on live-in or you have been living in for awhile without major upheavals, time for the wedding bells without a doubt.

Parents in Picture


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Indian Wedding is nothing short of “Hum Apke Hain Kaun.’’ It is one big family saga. You can happily start wedding planning when the families get involved. The girl celebrating would-be mother in law’s birthday or the guy taking the would-be father in law for a drive are signs of a blissful wedding on the cards.

Spark of BabiesWedding

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You are prepared for the wedding if you see yourself bringing a baby with this very companion. We do not usually idolize every other person as the other parent of our child. It is somewhere a sensitive inkling. And when we do, there is no looking back.

Plan Finance


Finance again is another sensitive issue between man and woman. We are mostly not comfortable in discussing monies with our companions. And then when a relationship gradually evolves and you start planning finance together, the big moment has arrived. When you take his suggestions on savings or opening the joint account, somewhere you find him reliable. This is a huge factor to show you are just so ready to take the plunge.


All the above pointers may not work for everybody everytime. That one thing that works for all without fail is your soul call. A soul in love is always ready for the Band Baja Barat. So let your heart take the right call at the right time!!

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