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Wedding Cards And Wedding Favors

Wedding Favors may not be a new concept in itself but coupling trendy wedding favors with the wedding invites surely is! Modernised versions of Indian weddings have seen it all and wedding favors being part of the weddings are no different. There come a lot many qualms to ponder upon when speaking of practice of wedding favors. We at WedAbout bring you all the acquaintance of the wedding favors with the help of our expert Chander Shekhar, who has graduated from NID with masters in graphics, printing with simultaneous automotive diploma. He is the first one ever to be campus appointed as chief designer by UNICEF at the age of 21. He has designed over 500 logos; established SHADE the first advertising and design studio with its own photography and print production skills.

1. Wedding Favors: An Element Of Card Or Separate?

wedding card


Ok. Let’s admit that this has been confusing us all at all the times whether or not to carry the sweet box along with the card (Right?). Our expert Shekhar says “There were times when the favors were offered only to the close ones. But with the generations changing, things have changed too to be more fashionable and garish. The advanced wedding “invites” hence incorporate wedding favors along with the wedding card. And if not, then the favors can be presented separately too.”

2. Most Popular Favors

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“There can be no denying to the fact what special place boondi laddoos and other traditional sweets hold in wedding favors. The sweet is still as popular as before and is equally loved by all and are easily available via some popular confectioneries like Bikaner and Haldiram. Apart from these, a few modern favors include exotic dry fruits, handmade chocolates and cookies. Gurgaon is a place that houses many designers who especially design and supply chocolates used in wedding favors” says our expert.

3. Packaging Perfection

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The packaging needs to be as good as what’s inside. Our expert mentions “The time has arrived when the couple doesn’t remain abstained from marketing themselves and their wedding just like a brand product. And this idea affects the packaging of the favors as well. Couples get their logos designed by professionals and get them done on the packaging of the favors.” He then adds “there are multiple types of grades of paper used in packaging. They are schematically packed in layers following a theme. Thinner version of the paper wraps around the favor box while the thicker version goes in designing the bag on which the logo is set. The choice of theme may vary from floral to glittery to stud.”

We hope that it was of much help to you in understanding more about wedding favors and their association with wedding cards.

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