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Sinful Desserts at North Indian Weddings- WedAbout

A typical Indian wedding is a perfect blend of customs, dance-music and the authentic food. Each one of them has their own importance but somehow the people are likely to be more directed towards food as the Shaadi ka khana is something you remember for ages. North Indian food needs no introduction as it is the only food that could quench the thirst of an Indian foodie. Everything about it is so delicious and especially the sweet dishes. As we Indians have a sweet tooth so, we cannot live without the meetha at the end.

We at WedAbout present to you some mouth watering North Indian sweet dishes that are must in any wedding:

1.Ice Creams and Lababdaar Kulfis

Dessert Dessert Dessert

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Whether it is hot or cold, the chilled malai kulfis and ice creams form an important part of desserts in North Indian weddings. They are served with assorted toppings as well which makes them even more mouthwatering. Then typical North Indian Dakke wali kulfi’s are something one can die for.


Dessert Dessert Dessert

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Jalebis are a fried and sugar dipped delicacy and when served with a smooth rabdi it is the best dessert to call off the dine in at the wedding. They complete the food with their sweetness.

3.Mouth Watering Halwa


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Be a Moong dal halwa, gaajar halwa or sooji halwa, halwa when garnished with lots of dry fruits and served simmering hot,has the power to make you go all full with satisfaction. When made in desi ghee this preparation is second to none. A must have delicacy in a Wedding Menu.



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Rasmalai, a few spongy and creamy balls dancing in the yummy and thick processed milk is what makes it perfect for a wedding. It has a texture that melts in the mouth. The just perfect dish to have after your meal as ras malai delivers you a divine experience.

5.Gulab Jamun

Dessert Dessert Dessert Dessert

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The balls dipped in the yummy sugary syrup can hypnotize you by its taste. Gulab jamuns are the quite essential dish of an Indian wedding. Missing in them is something that is not forgivable.

So there is no denying the fact that desserts give a befitting end to our meal. And we Indians, no doubt, have a special love for sweets.

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