7 Symbolic Accessories Worn By Indian Married Women

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7 Symbolic Accessories worn by Indian Married Women

Indian women are known for the unique and traditional way in which they expound themselves. The way, she dresses and accessories she carries, reflects the value she shares with her family and the society. These accessories embroider the grace and beauty of a woman.We at WedAbout are listing 7 of the symbolic accessories worn by Indian married woman:

1. Bindi

Photo Credit @Dotdusk Studios

Bindi is one of the basic “shringar” essentials of a married woman. It is an epitome of Indian beauty and tradition. It adds beauty to a woman’s face. It signifies true love and prosperity. This circular red dot is donned on the centre of the forehead.

2. Maang-Tikka

Photo credit @Jyotika Saluja Photography

One of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery which adds ethnicity to Indian tradition and culture. It is supposed to rest on the centre partition of the hair with the pendant falling on the forehead.

3. Nath – The Nose Ring

Photo credit @Karan Sidhu Photography

Apart from creating a traditional look, nose ring adds beauty and charm to a woman’s face. It can be worn with different attire- Saree, Lehenga and even with jeans. It is a symbol of married woman.

4. Mangalsutra

Photo courtesy@KJ Photoworks

A sacred thread of love and goodwill worn by a married woman. It is given by the man to his lady love with a promise to keep her happy ever in life. The black beads in mangal sutra signify protection from evil power and are believed to assure the happy married life of a couple.

5. Bangles

Photo credit @Tania Seth Photography

The sound of the bangle is unique and cannot be replaced by any other sound. Being an ultimate Indian signature style they add tradition to any modern look. Along with the cute tingling sound, it also benefits the women’s health.

6. Payal

Photo credit @Tarun Jha Photography

This light weighted accessory is worn by Indian woman for centuries. You can wear it with Saris and Suits. For a modern look, wear it on one ankle only. And, it is believed that by wearing payal, it’s energy is re-vibrated to one’s own body thereby refreshing it with the metal’s positive properties.

7. Toe Ring


Photo credit @Tania Seth Photography

Toe rings are the best accessories for your toes. They add style to your personality and adorn your toes. It can be worn by any woman with perfect grace.

Besides enhancing the beauty, these accessories have so many benefits which are really an icing on the cake. So ladies, next time if your husband yammers on you for taking too long to get ready, tell him these values.

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