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10 Tips To Know Before Planning Your Wedding Menu

Indian weddings are very much renowned for the much diversified lip smacking foods they serve. And let’s be honest, the guests you invite may be least bothered about the designer lehenga you wore or the lacs you spent for the decoration. What interests them more are the things filling their platters and bellies! We understand that deciding a wedding menu for the Indian weddings is not an easy job hence we at WedAbout bring you a few hands-on tips which will ease your job of planning your wedding menu.

1. Categorizing And Planning

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You can start with working on the number and the type of courses you want to serve. Remain equipped with budget and the guest list. This will guide you through the process. Stay updated with the guests’ preferences on the types of courses to put them on your wedding menu.

2. New Is Interesting

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Surprise your guests with a couple of modish dishes. It’s a great idea to let your guests gusto some unconventional tastes. Desi or international; you can go for any of the not-much-explored moreish recipes. (Beware of the risk factor though!)

3. Creative Servings

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Go unique! Go creative! Stand out of the ordinary by serving your guests in different types of wares. You may like to add a taste of authenticity to your cuisine by serving it in an authentic platter belonging to the cuisine. For instance, Chinese food can be served in clay platters and bowls. Also, one can choose from different styles of serving viz. French service, Plate service, Buffet, Stations and Family style on the basis of which the menu can be planned.

4. Venue and Settings Consideration

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Even the best wedding menu can get ruined if not ladled out rightly. The venue settings therefore significantly influence what you serve on your wedding. You would never want to create a mismatch between the foods you serve and the settings of the venue. For example family service would best cater settings like draped round tables with seating around them.

5. Variety in menu

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A good wedding menu offers diversified range of foods. One can go for international cuisines like Chinese, Continental and Thai etc. If not then Indian cuisine itself is much diversified to please and satisfy your guests. Be it sweet, savory or the main course, Indian cuisine provides the widest range to cherry pick the recipes for your special day.

6. Storage and Perish-ability

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Your guests remembering your wedding for stale food is the worst nightmare anyone can have. Serving fresh is always the best to do. However appropriate facilities for storage should be made in case raw materials like fruits and vegetables are needed to be stored (especially if your wedding bells are ringing in summers). It not only helps you systematize the catering but also helps you fetch materials and store them from distant places which may not be available at your locale.

7. Mind Allergy Causing Food!

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Keep beforehand a list of guests allergic to some foods. Get off such foods from your menu and if not then don’t hesitate in announcing it to your guests to alert them. You can do so by mentioning it right below the name of the cuisine.

8. Rack brains with caterer

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It is very much advisable to scrutinize things with your caterer before finalizing the menu. At the end it’s him who is going to execute the things at the ground level. Whatever you plan to put on your wedding menu should be practically possible which depends on factors like season, availability of the raw materials and if going for international cuisine then an expert chef should be available too.

9. Cost Effectiveness

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While planning weddings, budget plays the most crucial role since it is the base for all the preparations. The money you invest should reap you well. Hence it is important to be sure of the worth and cost effectiveness of your wedding menu.

10. Season’s specialty on Menu

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Season’s special foods are always a charm for the guests to relish. Keeping a couple of seasonal specialties on your menu will help your guests enjoy the season of your wedding in its real sense!

We hope that these tips assist you well in deciding your wedding menu.

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