Amazing Ayurvedic Facial Masks For A Perfect Bridal Skin

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Amazing Ayurvedic Facial Masks For A Perfect Bridal Skin

Going to the salon every time for a fresh and bright skin may not be a pocket-friendly as well as the skin friendly idea. With a countdown of days left to your wedding, you might want to put up a beautiful look all the time. Well, that’s possible!

We at WedAbout bring to you facial masks which include daily used ingredients for a natural glow and healthy skin.

1.     Marigold Flower For Marvelous Skin

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Well, Marigold is not just a showpiece for decoration; it is an expert flower too. You have to take just 2-3 marigold flowers and smash it. Add some milk and honey to it and make a paste. Apply on your face and wash the mask after a while.

2.     Gooseberry for skin rejuvenation

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Berries are mouth watering and relishing and so too for the skin. It is an effective way to get an even skin tone and unwanted scars. All you need to do is take some gooseberry juice and make a consistent paste with yoghurt and honey.

3.     Fenugreek Is Skin Friendly

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The healing benefits of consuming fenugreek are well known but using it as a facial mask is quite unheard. It is a boon for those tired with their oily and greasy skin. Here you are required to take the fine powder of fenugreek and add some rose water to it. Apply this mask for a vibrant and fresh look.

4.     Sesame Seeds For Supple Skin

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They might look tiny but they are a bagful of health and skin benefits. From being a rich source of minerals, proteins and vitamins it has antioxidant property too. You can take sesame seeds oil and mix it with some turmeric powder. Apply the mask and wash it off when dry. Your acne scars simply go vamoose.

5.     Pomegranate For Youthful Glow

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This beautiful fruit also guarantees beautiful skin. The pink colour of the fruit gives a youth looking blush to the skin. Take some pomegranate seeds and mix it with honey. Apply the facial mask and open your eyes to a sprightly you.

6.     Try Tea Water For Refreshing Skin

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A bad day and bad skin can be corrected with Tea. Rightly so! Tea water can remove dead skin cells. Make a mixture of tea water with honey. You can also add rice water to make a thick mask. Apply on your skin and keep it for a while. Wash and get amazed with a lustrous skin.

No wonder this ingredient makes for a beautiful and picture perfect bridal skin naturally. We are all for going the organic way. Are you ready?

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