4 Tips to simplify your Diamond shopping

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4 Tips to Simplify Your Diamond Shopping

Do we all not know that diamond is a girl’s best friend! Shopping of diamond is something loved by all of us, isn’t it? When it comes to investing a huge sum in shopping diamond for your wedding, then it becomes quite difficult in making decisions like what design, shape, cut, color etc to choose from all the variety available in the market. No worries girls! We at WedAbout, with the help of our expert, Mr. Amit Aggarwal (who holds an experience of more than 15 years in the field) bring you some amazing and beneficial tips which would simplify your diamond shopping. (Thank us later!)

1. Points to Ponder


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The main facets analyzed while buying diamond are its uniqueness and quality. Our expert suggests “buying diamond is a huge investment, hence it should be made sure that not only it glams up your wedding day but is also wearable post wedding.” Consequently, it is advisable to go for contemporary or light jewelry which you can adorn even after your wedding.

2. What’s trending

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Diamond jewellery gives you style, glam, class, and fad. “If you are looking for classic bridal diamond jewellery this wedding season then “jadau” (studded) jewelry is your thing. It gives you everything a bridal jewellery demands for” says our expert. “Jadau” ornaments add to your personality manifolds of royalty and richness.

3. The Purity of Diamond


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Let us be honest folks, there is no one scale to measure the purity of diamonds and it works on the game of your trust on your jeweler. However here are few tips which can save you from all the frauds.

A. Make sure your diamond is certified by a reputed laboratory.

B. Beware of the fake certificates. It is advisable not to trust the certificates made by the retailers themselves.

C. Keep your certificate safe for future safety.

D. Get a laser inscription done. This shall help you identify your diamond in case stolen or lost.

Our expert suggests “while buying diamond it is always advisable to go to a family jeweler. If not then it is safe to get your gems from a branded company rather than any other retailer.”

4. Investment: Good or Bad


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Diamond buying is always a thumbs up from the investment point of view (great news ladies!). According to our expert “investing in diamonds is always a wise decision to make. There are high returns. You may also make more than you invested depending on the then rates of diamonds”.

So now when you are all set to get the diamond of your choice, go get your pockets full and go happy shopping!

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