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Pros and Cons of Traditional Makeup

You want to dress up like a royal queen on your wedding day and receive compliments for your beauty. You want the entire world’s attention today and want everyone to be awestruck with your angelic beauty. Choosing the right makeup would be the key to bringing out your inner joy on your face.

Choose the right makeup artist who can transform you into gorgeous beauty with his magical brushes. It is important to know about the kind of makeup suggested by them which could depend on your budget, the approach and your skin type.

The traditional technique involves applying the makeup using sponge or fingertips. WedAbout explains why you should or shouldn’t use the traditional or the regular makeup technique for that princes’s look:


1. Lasts up to 12 hours:

Traditional Makeup

Photo courtesy @Aman gera Photography 

The bride can feel good about choosing a makeup which lasts throughout the wedding day and night. It is up to the discretion of the makeup artists to provide that superior look with the formulations they work with. By applying a primer followed by a full coverage foundation they ensure that you are ready to flaunt your look. The lipstick rubs off during the day so you would require reapplications to look gorgeous all day long.

2. Easy application:

Traditional Makeup

Photo courtesy @Karan Sidhu Photography

The most versatile of all the makeups, it comes in a wide variety of shades to match your skin tone. Brushes are used to apply thick foundation or with the use of fingertips for light makeup well-blended application. It is Ideal for the brides who prefer full coverage by concealing some facial hair and minor skin aberrations.

3. Not as expensive as Airbrush makeup:

Traditional Makeup

Photocredit@rajeshdigital photography

You do not require an entire makeup system and kit like an airbrush gun. The products which fall under the traditional makeup category are easy to use and are budget friendly. The personal care bouquet of products includes foundation, eyeshadow kit, lipsticks, a brush kit and much more for an application.


1. Difficult to conceal scars and pimples:

Traditional Makeup

     Photocredit@Our Wedding Chapter 

Traditional makeup cannot instantly camouflage your tough scars and pimples and apply too much powder on the acne attracts a lot of attention.

2. Feels heavy on the skin:

Traditional Makeup

Photocredit @Rajesh Digital

Due to its thicker consistency, its overuse on the skin can give a cakey look thus making it feel heavy on the skin. The chemicals in the makeup are harmful to the skin texture and may cause allergies and dry skin in some cases.

3. Requires touch up:

Traditional Makeup

Photo courtesy @Our Wedding Chapter 

It’s not waterproof and tends to come off if there is slight rubbing or brushing against something. The makeup might smudge with time and requires regular touch up for that constant brilliant look.

4. Uses cotton balls, sponges, brushes which builds up bacteria:

Traditional Makeup

Photocredit@White Frog Productions

Makeup brushes, sponges have to be cleaned regularly to avoid bacteria to develop. Same makeup piece is used on many brides which transfer the bacteria from one to another. Lip pencils also should be wiped with alcohol wipes before the next use.

Traditional makeup is best for that natural, radiant and bright look on your wedding day.

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