5 Things To Keep In Mind About Wedding Food Presentation

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5 Things To Keep In Mind About Food Presentation At Your Wedding

For any guest attending an Indian wedding, food is important! Apart from having a luscious taste, food presentation also counts. According to our expert Mr Ishaan Sarkar, Chief Executive Officer at SelectED Events and Dining and Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Kwality Group, “Food presentation is very very important; 80% of the food in banquets is eaten by the eyes.”.  WedAbout researchers about, what to focus on to create perfect food presentation at your wedding.

1.   Food Counter Décor

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Not just the food on the table/stall should be presentable but the complete food presentation counter should be decked up and offered well. It must be attractive and should abide by the theme of the wedding. It ought to reflect the type of food presentation it serves in the most creative and attractive manner. Like for e.g. a food presentation counter serving desi Indian food can be adorned with dhaba style of appearance giving life to the counter. Mr. Praveen Roy, Chief Executive Officer at Tourism & Hospitality Skill Council, says “there are many factors which govern decorating the buffet counter itself. Few of such factors may be budget, location of the counter, theme of the wedding, etc.”

2.   Spillage

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There are some teensy weensy yet really crucial factors which shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. Food spillage while serving food presentation not only causes embarrassment to your beloved guests but also spoils the décor of the counter. The serving vessels should be such as to resist the food spillage as much as possible. It helps keep the area clean and in place.

3.   Ladles

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The serving ladles not only need to be stylish (could be beautifully sculptured ladles of wood or brass) but should also be easy to handle and serve, which is their primary role. There is no “one-ladle-for-all”. The type changes with food presentation (you cannot use one type of serving spoon both for salad and for soup as well!).

4.   Cleanliness and Hygiene

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No matter how lip-smacking the food you serve is, but if it’s not cooked and served in absolute sanitary conditions, then it will only lead to furrowing of your guests’ brows. Awesome food presentation is extremely important for a wedding.

5.   Serving it Hot

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Isn’t it well known to all of us that food tastes its best when served to grill hot? Thus the serving vessels should be such that they provide the heating and reheating facility and should also be able to keep food hot for long. And trust us; it will keep your guests happy!

Last, of all, Praveen adds “what remains most important is that there is some innovation done.” He also puts in “wedding in India still remains a ceremony full of traditions. The food presentation should be able to reflect those traditions.”

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