WedAbout Bridal Weekend: A Sneak Peek for the brides-to-be

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WedAbout Bridal Weekend: A Sneak Peek

A bride’s major concern for her wedding remains her wedding attire, makeup, jewellery, accessories, footwear etc. To help you deal with these concerns, WedAbout came up for your help in the form of WedAbout Bridal Weekend. The WedAbout Bridal Weekend conducted on 3rd  and 4th September, 2016 proved to be a blessing for all the brides-to-be and that for the right reasons. WedAbout Bridal Weekend was one stop solution for all the B2B where all the industry experts from different genre came up with their top brands under one roof.

1. Uniqueness Of The Idea

WedAbout Bridal WeekendHappy Brides with the model Photo courtesy @WedAbout 

The idea of bringing all the top brands and experts under one roof was one of its kinds. The brides-to-be made the best of this opportunity by interacting with the experts one-to-one. They could know all; right from the latest trends of fashion to all the dos and don’ts of makeup. The idea brought the vendors and the customers at one platform. It helped them understand each other’s idea and necessities. Our jewellery expert Mala Singh seemed to be happily satisfied with the event as she says “though it was my first event with them, but I am happy with the way the event took off. I got a chance to know the brides and their needs. Nice concept of having all the offerings for the bride under one roof.”

2. Top Attractions

The two eventful days of the WedAbout Bridal Weekend were full of attractions for the brides.

  1. Makeup Master Class

WedAbout Bridal Weekend

Make up Artist Sakshi Sagar Photo courtesy @WedAbout

WedAbout Bridal Weekend

Make Up Artist Shubhangi Trehan Photo courtesy @WedAbout

Makeup as we understand is every girl’s prime necessity and especially when it comes to the bride it is like her magical wand she can’t live without. Makeup master class conducted in WBW by the two top makeup artists; Sakshi Sagar and Shubhangi Trehan helped the brides understand the basics and the minutes of makeup. Seeing helps understand things better. The live demo given by the experts guided the girls to expertise their makeup techniques.

2. Exhibitors’ Charm

WedAbout Bridal Weekend

Juttis by Cobbler 24 and Clutches by Just Her Accessories Photo courtesy @WedAbout

WedAbout Bridal Weekend

Bangles by Leshya Photo courtesy @WedAbout

WBW housed many exhibitors from various fields. There were wedding outfits, jewellery, accessories, bangles, juttis exhibited of the latest trends. The brides could see the glittery stuff for themselves, try them out and buy that for the special day. There was stuff for the bride not just for her special day but also which could be a part of her valuable trousseau.

3.Top Brands On The Platters- Brands like Bangles by Leshya, Outfit by Being Different, Juttis by The Cobbler 24, Jewellery and Accessories by Mala Dosanjh, bags and clutches by Just Her Accessories were on platters for our beautiful brides-to-be. These made the brides assured of the quality and class of the things they saw. Nitin Gujral from NG Shootz and Vineet Panchhi from Wedding Films Company beautifully captured the timeless moments of the event.

3. Take Away For The Brides

WedAbout Bridal Weekend

Jewellery by Mala Singh Photo courtesy @WedAbout

We know the brides could make the most of the fun-filled event. They not only could grab some beautiful artifacts for themselves but were generous enough to pick some for their families. All the brides could share their experience and emotions with each other. The event helped them get prepared for the big event coming in their lives in all manners. And most importantly what they took were the baggage full of memories and learning.

4. Take Away For The Experts

WedAbout Bridal Weekend

Outfits by Being Different Photo courtesy @WedAbout

“It was a very unique event with selected vendors. The vendor offerings also didn’t overlap. Nice concept of holding this event at the boutique store, good ambience. Brides could get everything under one roof – a complete wardrobe solution. Cinematography of the entire event added value to the exhibitor’s offerings. It was a platform wherein we could get good leverage in the Social Media” says Prafful, our bangle expert.

For Shubhangi (our makeup expert) it was a very nice experience. “The team at WedAbout is very professional, warm and welcoming” she added.

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