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5 Crazy Things To Include In Your Wedding Menu

The big fat menu is always a huge part of the big fat Indian weddings. But let’s face it; the wedding menu at all times seems to be similar including all the chicken, paneer and tandoori stuff. Why not give your wedding menu a little twist?

WedAbout brings you things you can include in your wedding menu and give it a crazier version.


1. Idli Fiesta

wedding menu


Add a little color and funk to your wedding menu with the variety of idlis possible. Beetroot idli, tomato idli and coriander idli are a few of the many styles in which some craziness can be added to your regular idlis. These can served as cocktail idlis with the regular coconut chutney, groundnut chutney and delicious smelling sambar.


2. Maggie Samosa

Vegetable_Samosa-wedding menu


Maggie and samosas are two different and much loved food of India. Bringing them together as one recipe will definitely do some wonders in your wedding menu. This samosa with a twist in the tail is another crazy way to pleasantly surprise your guests on your wedding.

 3. DIY Pizza Corner

vegetables-italian-pizza-restaurant=wedding menu


Let there be a corner dedicated for pizza lovers. Apart from the regular tomato, corn or even paneer toppings, let there be a variety of crazy toppings too! How about chhole (chickpea) topping or even sev- topping? Trust us. Your Indian-food-lover guests are gonna love this desi version of pizza.

4. Candy Corner

wedding menu


These bright colored pieces of joy never fail to add smile to the kids’ faces. Why not keep your little guests’ taste buds satisfied with a candy corner in your wedding which would serve scores of candies ranging from cotton candies to jelly beans to lollipops to taffies and mints.


5. Chocolate Café

wedding menu


Chocolate is an all-age-favorite thing. A little chocolate café as a part of your wedding menu list is a great idea. Chocolate fountain, nutty chocolate bars, hot-chocolate, dark and raw chocolates, milky chocolate balls and what not! Chocolates are always mood lifting and this crazy lovable thing will always leave your guests a little happier.


Go ahead and add some spark to your wedding menu by trying these crazy things. And rest as they say there is no end to craziness so bring your crazy side on your wedding menu this wedding season.

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