Technology is changing how Weddings are planned

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Technology is changing how Weddings are planned

Technology today has touched every single aspect of our lives. And weddings are no different. Technology in various forms like wedding apps (Download WedAbout on Android and iOS), social networking websites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.), online communities etc. has hugely affected Indian wedding. (from being fat to fatter!) WedAbout finds out and brings you the ways in which technology has affected Indian wedding.

1. Wedding Planning Apps


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With the help of multi purpose apps like WedAbout, wedding planning has become a lot easier than before. Be it mehndi artist, photographer, beautician, DJ, choreographer, caterer (everything you can think of). All the wedding preparations and wedding planning can be done with just a single touch on your smart phones. (Now isn’t that really smart!)

2. Online Shopping


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With wedding preparations, comes lots of shopping. Owing to the technological boom, you no longer need to sweat for hours for that lovely pair of stilettos or for that perfect accessory matching your outfit. It has become much easier to discover and compare the brands, the wedding styles and the varieties through technology.

3. Online Invitations


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The changing technology has enabled us to send our wedding invites online which can be sent, received and confirmed within no time and that too without putting in much effort. A couple can choose from millions of designs available and customize it to be their own wedding invitation card. Such customization gives a personalized touch to your wedding invites.

4. Distance no bar


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In the technological world, all wedding planning can be done by all the family staying virtually together. Instagramming your friend the outfit you liked and seeking her opinions on the same is a boon. Parents can now actually ask their daughter living away from her choice for the wedding jewellery.

5. Digitalization


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From the wedding receptions to wedding albums, everything has the magical impact of technology. The rotating stage, technically synchronized wedding favours, digitized wedding albums, and what not; Indian weddings have seen them all.

The wedding is a no single day event. And especially for the bride and the groom, it’s a journey towards their new life. Technological gifts like smart phones and tabs have made it easier to capture those tiny little magical moments of the couple which even the finest of the photographers may fail to capture.

Technology has given all the opportunities to the couple to look around the world and get the best for their wedding. Bridal magazines have now been replaced by tablets and mobile phones which give them no limit to read and surf. The entire world is their platform to get ideas and inspiration. Staying glued to a number of makeup and hairstyle tutorials and following the haute couture designer on twitter and Facebook has changed the perspective of brides from what it was years ago.

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