8 Things About Bridal Make Up That You Need To Know

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8 Things about Bridal Make up that you need to know

The Importance of having the best ensemble, matching shoes, accessories and a prestigious guest list fail in comparison to the bridal make up and hairdo. Excellent make up and hairdo can drastically increase the wow factor and will always be captured and cherished through the timeless wedding photographs.

Here are 8 things you should check before hiring a Make up and Hair-Do Artist hire for your wedding.

1.How experienced is your Artist?

Bridal make up

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We all want to look like brides fit for the big screen on our wedding day, but it is important to do so within our limitations.Engage an artist that has the right mixture of talent and experience which synchronizes to create your beautiful bridal look.

“Decide the look”.…. Is what Jazz of Make Up Addict’ advices to all the brides out there who wish to look the best on D’ Day!

2. Checking the past clientele!

Bridal make up


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to know of some one who is satisfied with the artist, is an reason to trust him/her to make you look Jaw-Dropping.

3. Read through the Past customer reviews

Bridal make up

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 The reviews help you get a better understanding about the artist through a broad spectrum of reviews good ,bad and neutral. you may find insight from the reviews that you were unable to acquire from other sources.We at WedAbout have abundant reviews on our vendor profiles to help you make an informed decision.

4. Where does  the Artist expertise lie?

Bridal make up

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The make up artist may know how to make you look beautiful but can he/she master all the make-up trends. There would either have the knowledge of contouring, or may be expertise in airbrush. Oh, did we mention the wonders of Traditional Brushes? Whatever it is, do check the repute before you sign that cheque!

We talked to Jazz and asked her how she decided what make up techniques to use and she said….. Every artist has his/her own style, their own way, their expertise, their signature style…. and every make up artist makes the client look like their piece of work “

5. The Make Up Brand that will be used!

Bridal make up

Photo Credits@Shaadi Vyah

Not that Revlon is any lesser than Chambor or Dior,but the latter will add the zing. It is about the skin and the quality of the Brands that makes it important to know what Brand the artist will use. You may like a shade of red lipstick that is not available in the Brand he/she uses and feel dejected.

6. Choice of hairdo and the Accessories

Bridal make up

Photo Credits @ Dipak Studios

There are hairdo artists who can give you a fishtail French Bun even if you do not have long luscious hair it require,that is the magic they weave. So ask about the hair do and make sure you try it once. You cannot afford to struggle with the hair and accessories three hours before the wedding?

Jazz has been in this industry for a decade now and she is the best in her field of work . She says “The inspiration is from the stars and the Bollywood brides and it makes you think that you will look as good as them. So while a star can carry the look, you may not individually look just like that!…….Getting inspired by a look is a good idea when you have tweaked it to your own personal style”!

7. Are you comfortable enough?

Bridal make up

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Now that you know what you want and how you want it, the last factor is the comfort and comradely you share with the artist. Feel comfortable is paramount because you would be spending hours with them and the only way you can look divine is when you are a happy bride!

8. The Price to Pay


Photo Credits @ Weddings by Studio f2.8

While there is no dearth of Make Up and Hairdo Artists around, to find the service you are looking for, in the best suited price sure is the need of the hour. Make sure you are not overspending.

“Each client has a vision and intends to style like that!” – Jazz of Make Up Addict By Jazz

Your Make Up and Hair Do artist is who will make you look “Drop dead gorgeous”! Make Your choice with caution!. Make sure you discuss the Budget as well!

“Enhance your own looks and feel good about yourself”– Make Up Addict by JAZZ!

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