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WedAbout Bridal Weekend: Clutches,The Personified Vintage

  |   4 years ago

What suits me the best? This or that, which one is better? Does it goes perfectly with my outfit or will it be able to capacitate the essentials? These are some of the many questions that pop into your mind while you go shopping the perfect handbag to carry with you on your special day.

A beautiful handbag might add the perfect grace to your bridal avatar. Every year marks a new trend in the bridal bags category. The clutches, however, are an evergreen fashion. They are just appropriate in size and offer you the comfort to carry them along while you walk the auspicious day of your life.

Once again WedAbout extends you some great help and presents you what you might have never read before. This is not the words we speak but what our experts believe in. WedAbout brings you the WedAbout Bridal Weekend on 3rd and 4th of September organized to offer our readers the perfect tips from the experts on how to choose the best clutches for their D-Day. Our expert for clutches Mrs. Komal Miglani from “Just her” will be a special part of it.She is into the industry from last 17 years and working hard to make her dream come true.

WedAbout Bridal Weekend; The experts say:


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This is an amazing opportunity for all the brides to be & the newlyweds, say our expert about the WedAbout Bridal Weekend. “WedAbout is really working hard to get the best for the brides & the groom.People like WedAbout for its uniqueness and the WedAbout Bridal Weekend is yet another innovative step of them.”, says Komal Miglani in an appreciative tone.

Here are all the secrets that Komal Miglani shared with WedAbout apropos to the clutches for the beautiful you:

1.Why Clutches?


Photo Credit:Just Her

Clutches are the fashion that links the vintage to the modern. It makes your look absolute by adding the oomph to your bridal avatar. Even they are a great use post marriage as well, says our Expert. You will face a number of choices but choosing the best is always important and when this little, pretty thing has everything you need why to go for something else, she adds.

2.The Recent Trends


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You may see a different fashion every time you sweep the fashion market, however, the Vintage clutches are an evergreen addition to your style statement. If we talk about the hot trends, vintage clutches with beautiful and intricate embroidery is the hot affair. When asked about the choice of fabric & embroidery, Komal advised silk, brocade as the best choice of fabric and is best complemented with Resham & zardozi embroidery.

3.The Costing


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The vintage bags may cost you some extra bucks but when compared to the value they add to your avatar, you might forget the load. “A good clutch will range starts from 3000 INR to 5000 INR. This is because the minute handwork it involves which offers the uniqueness to these clutches. They involve great labor of the skilled artisans and are an exemplary product of Indian craftsmanship.”

4.Easy Upkeep


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“The first thing you need to do is treat them sensitive”, says our Expert. “They are not like your other purses but far more splendid and majestic. Our clutches are made with a brass frame which is silver or gold coated. This helps against oxidization and blackness. We provide a black pouch with the clutch so that you can store it carefully when not in use. Still, if you face any problem we offer you the solutions for everything”, Komal says with a smile.

5.What Is Our Expert Personal Say For A Clutch?


Photo Credit:Just Her

“I make them so I know why they are the best than any other choice, for me, they are perfect thing that let me keep my lipstick, mobile & some personal stuff. It looks magnificent and makes me look even more. Do I still need something else?” said our Expert.

WedAbout week facilitates one and all to grab the best of the clutches. It is an open platform that aims to serve every fashion driven lady. So what is keeping you from the extravagant WedAbout Bridal Weekend; the enrollments aren’t closed yet.

Most importantly, do check our curated list of vendors on our WedAbout app on Android and iOS.

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