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Online shopping guide for bride: WedAbout

Your wedding is getting closer by the day and you just can’t keep your eyes on those exciting offers at all kinds of incredible designs and high-end fashion brands they make for online shopping. Shopping is the need of the hour and these offers are oh so tempting, but the question is should you be investing in these online shopping deals or you are better off with the traditional way shopping and carrying all those shopping bags.

WedAbout is here with all the things you need to keep in mind before you get started with online shopping.

1. Know your body type

Know your body type online shopping

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Each one of us is gifted with a different body type. Any beautiful dress you see a model wearing online might not flatter your figure, no matter how lovely it looks on the model. Therefore know your body type so you can easily eliminate the dress cuts, necklines or silhouettes that don’t bring out your figure. you can try online shopping for this.

2. Try on dresses

Try your dress online shopping

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Most sites have a 7-30 day return policy. So you can order all that you like online, try it and decide whether you like it or not. All trusted sites have a cash back policy as well so if you don’t like a particular item simply return it and get your money back. These are helpful in online shopping.

3. Read reviews carefully

online shopping


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When you are browsing through sites for online shopping, you’ll find that most items have thorough description and reviews given by its previous customers and the company as well. Read these carefully to get to know the quality, fabric, fit etc. of the item for online shopping.

4. Try only trusted sites

trusted sites online shopping

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When it comes to online shopping, social media has made it incredibly easy but it is not wise to shop from anywhere and everywhere no matter how tempting the offer looks. There are only a few trusted sites where most brand and good deals are available they have policies like cash back and return. Therefore it is vital to know the site before you start online shopping.

5. Take advantage of the customization offer

online shopping

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When we talk about wedding apparel, it has to speak to you for online shopping. To make any outfit your own give it your personalized twist. Many online shopping sites which offer ethnic or wedding apparels offer customization option. Take advantage of them and add your signature style to your perfect dress. Keep in mind, however, that you might be charged extras for different customization options in online shopping.

6. Be ready for 5% to 10% difference

online shopping

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You need to be careful while buying bold or bright colors when doing online shopping. The product pictures are presented very well and in a different setting and lighting, therefore the color and the look of the fabric might vary from what it actually is. So it’s better that you prepare yourselves for a tad bit of difference in the color or look beforehand in online shopping.

We hope that this guide was useful to you, for more expert advice on wedding-related queries doesn’t forget to download our WedAbout app on android and iOS.

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