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Must have Mocktails Recipes for your Fizzy Wedding

Weddings are so much fun. The ceremonies, the decoration, the clothes, the music and most importantly food and drinks. No matter what, people mostly judge a wedding by the food and the drinks in it. While preparing the menu, you would definitely be serving some juices and coffee or tea for sure, why not get something creative this time by adding some lip-smacking mocktails into the menu.

The temperature is rising and the demand for these chilled non-alcoholic drinks too. Here are some WedAbout picks for super easy mocktails recipe which will add fun to the wedding menu:

1. Ginger Lime Fizz



The fizz of lime will leave you so fresh. All that is needed to prepare this fizzy mocktail is lime juice, ginger beer, water and some lime slices for garnish. Mix them in a pitcher and you are ready to experience a blast in your mouth.

2. Chilled Watermelon Mocktail



This one is quite popular! And above all, since the children love watermelon so this drink is liked by kids too. And the ingredients required are minimum, just a watermelon, lemon, chilled crushed ice and some salt. Mix well and serve cold! Yummy!!

3. Raspberry Delight

mocktails Rasberry


Tasty! Raspberries are quite healthy too. To prepare this delicious drink, you need raspberries, lime juice, some orange juice and sugar. Blend them well with ice cubes and you are ready to taste a chilled fizzy delight.

4. Yummy Lemon Berry Mojito

Yummy Lemon Berry Mojito mocktails


Lemons and berries make a very good combo when blended. So the ingredients needed for this mouth watering drink are lemons, strawberries, lemon juice, sugar and ice of course. Shake well!

5. Sparkling Cucumber Freshness

Sparkling Cucumber Freshness mocktails


Cucumbers are very refreshing in summers, good for the skin too. Let’s get started with this fresh drink, for that, ingredients needed are cucumbers, lime juice, mint leaves, water and some sugar. Blend them and garnish with some slices of cucumber.

This time, try these out-of-the-box recipes for the wedding menu and make it unforgettable for everybody in the wedding.

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