Indian Wedding Flavours: The tasteful South Indian Weddings

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Indian Wedding Flavours: The grace of South Indian Weddings

  |   3 years ago

South India is often called the land of bliss. A religious, traditional South Indian wedding is a tasteful blend of style and culture. The ‘Vivaham’ or a wedding is a ceremony to merge the souls of the bride and the groom. WedAbout, presents a beautiful insight to you on South Indian Weddings.

1. The Grandeur:

South Indian wedding Photocredits@Sowmyaphotography

In South Indian Weddings, the ‘Vivaham’ is organised in a ‘Kalyan Mandapam’. It’s splendour and beauty is beyond expression. Fresh flowers and mango leaves add colours to the wedding pavilion. The guests are welcomed to the sound of ‘Nadaswaram’, a traditional Shehnai.

2. The Attires:


South Indian Wedding Photocredits@Sowmyaphotography
South Indian Weddings Photocredit@K J Photoworks

South Indian Weddings Photocredits@Sowmyaphotography

The bride wears a traditional silk saree in red. Her jewellery is sparkling in gold. The hair is  beautifully made with jeweled braids and flower Veni. The groom wears a traditional dhoti and a scarf.

3. The Vows

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The rituals begin with ‘Mangal snanam’, where both bride and the groom take an auspicious bath before the ceremonies.

south Indian Wedding Photocredits@Sowmyaphotography

South Indian Weddings Photocredits@Sowmyaphotography

It is followed by Gawri and Ganesh Pooja. In ‘Kanyadanam’ the bride’s father gives her hand in the hands of the groom.
‘Jīlakarra Bellaṃ’, a ceremony where both bride and groom place jaggery and cumin paste on each other’s heads. This ritual signifies the inseperable bond they are forming.
South Indian Wedding Photocredits@Sowmyaphotography
South Indian Wedding Photocredits@KaranSidhuPhotography

‘Sumangali’ is performed with rice and turmeric. The groom then ties the mangal sutra in bride’s neck.

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‘Saptapadi’ is the next ritual where the bride and the groom, holding hands, take seven steps around the holy fire. They take oaths to be each other’s companions forever.
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Sthālīpākaṃ takes place before the bride is given to the groom for eternity. The groom bends down on his knees and makes his new bride wear the toe rings.

4. The Delicacies in South Indian Weddings

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A plethora of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are prepared in south Indian weddings. Ranging from coconut and fish curries, vegetable stew, Murukku to delicacies like Kheer, Kesari, Thiru Annam du and lots of other Indian sweets. South Indian weddings are a perfect blend of savouring and health.

South Indian weddings are a beautiful combination of Traditional Sanctity and celebration. The weddings here are as serene as South India’s natural beauty. All the traditions are gracefully carved out to make the bride and the groom fall forever in love.

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