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Bridal Jewellery Of The New Age At WedAbout Bridal Weekend

Women’s love for the jewels is widely known to all. The precious stones and metals have adored her beauty since forever. Time couldn’t change much but has only redefined fashion jewellery for her. Swarovski crystals, platinum and gold plated silver have become her new love.

Silver jewellery is the new era’s burning trend. Be it western or ethnic it is meant to compliment all! WedAbout Bridal Weekend on 3rd and 4th September, 2016 brings to you all the funky and fashionable jewellery; choker or the rani haar, it has got everything for you in its treasure box.

Expert’s Take On WedAbout Bridal Weekend

Our expert, Mala Singh, who holds experience of more than 35 years in the industry, appreciates the concept of the WedAbout Bridal Weekend (WBW). “It is a good opportunity for the bride and the bride’s family to get their pick under one roof. WBW offers quality products to the people. It offers a platform where the buyer and the brand vendor can get one on one. This transparency builds up trust between the two” Mala says. She also shares with you all her precious knowledge about the jewellery of the era.

1. Silver Jewellery: Flaunt In Style



“With the prices of gold touching skies, gold plated silver jewellery is one middle way. It incorporates the use of high standard polka and stones thereby giving a real look to the jewellery. This imparts good quality and life to the jewellery” says our expert. With a smile she adds “there remains no fear of losing the jewellery unlike gold or diamond, so you can flaunt it in style.”

2. A  Jewellery For All


The Silver jewellery plated or un-plated can be teamed with all types of outfits! Yes. You read that right. Like your ethnics, the denims or the evening gown in your wardrobe are equally good to go with the single pieces. Mala says “this jewellery is a perfect blend of the traditional and the modern”.

3. The Types To Choose From


You are sure to get awed by the range this jewellery provides you. Our expert says “there is a wide range for the brides to choose from. The jewellery promises to decorate you from head to toe. Earrings, fancy beads, finger rings, bracelets, and what not! From fancy to fine, you’ve got it all!”

4. Price Of The Prized Possession


“The piece of art undergoes various processes to achieve the excellence. Some jewellery is machine made while some is man made with each stone placed carefully in the slot. We put our heart and soul to shape each piece to fineness which makes the jewellery much more worthy than the price tagged to it” says our expert. She then adds “the price range of the jewellery starts from 500 INR and goes up to 100,000 INR. You may also opt for a custom made jewellery to match your outfit. The cost changes accordingly.”

5. Tips to Ensure High Grade Keeping Of Your Jewellery


Mala shares with us her valuable tips on taking care of your jewellery. She says “Though everything has a defined life of it, but the life of your jewellery can be extended by following few simple measures. Safe guard the jewellery by keeping it well covered with cotton. There should not be any contact of the ornaments with perfume/ colognes. It degrades them.” Mala also promises an excellent customer service to help them keep their jewellery sound.

So don’t stay back! Get your fashion jewellery now and be the bride of the new age.

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