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Must have Songs for your Sangeet Ceremony

Indian wedding is world famous for its foot-tapping songs and dance. As India is a land of diversity every corner of it is filled in with different cultures and heritage. No matter, if it is a southern wedding or a northern wedding, dance and music is an essential and inseparable part of every marriage. Music makes the wedding festivities more sparkling and fills in the environment with fun and frolic. The folklore (traditional songs) sung by the ladies in any Indian wedding are the heart of every wedding. Here is a region-wise list of famous wedding songs that definitely will charge up every guest present in a Sangeet Ceremony:

South Indian

A Tamil wedding has a very amazing preparation. Weddings are an epitome of festivities in South and without music this festivity is incomplete. Here are the two songs that have the ultimate power to make you blow the dance floor:

1.Selfie Pulla – Kathithi  ( 2015 )


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The much popular ‘selfie’ song is sung by the hero of the movie Vijay & the famous singer Sunidhi Chauhan. This song has a record of 8 million views on YouTube and has to be amongst one of the must song for a Tamil wedding.

2.Maduraikku Pogathadi – Azhagiya Tamil Magan (2007)


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‘Maduraikku Pogathadi’ is the song that will make you hop like a jumping jack and is best to burn out your calories too. Again the credit goes to the hero Vijay. This song is a peppy number which is an essential part of a Tamil wedding song list.

North Indian

The loudest and explicit wedding from the northern part of the country is a Punjabi Wedding. With the beats of dhol and bhangra, every Punjabi has dance flowing in their blood. Here are the two choicest songs that will make you dance at any cost:

1.Kala Sha Kala


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A song that is meant to tease the husband for being dark complexioned is a peppy number to be played at every Sangeet. Every paragraph of the song is dedicated to a relationship and the music of this song is irresistible.

2.Bhangra With Boli


Photo Credit@youtube

A typical Punjabi Sangeet is incomplete without the beats of dhol and a round of Boli (kind of music popular in Punjab region). Each boli is dedicated to a different relationship and it becomes a must for that person to come to the dance floor and shake a leg to these tunes.

East Indian

Another region of India rich with cultural treasure The East India presents you the Bengali wedding. Bengali wedding is well known for its music though it is more classical music but this is what Bengalis love the most. The top two songs of Bengali wedding:

1.Laje Ranga Holo Kone Bou go


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This is one the most popular song in Bengali sangeet as it is used to tease the bride to be, by saying that she is blushing on her special day, soon the garlands will be exchanged and she will be with her someone special.

2.Chand Bodoni Dhoni Nacho To Dekhi


Photo Credit@anondogaan.blogspot

This song is dedicated to the bride to be wherein she is praised for her beauty and well-groomed body.She is being asked to dance to her grace and add charm to the sangeet ceremony.

West Indian

Garba, dandiya and bright costumes with lots of flairs are the three main attractions of Gujarati wedding. Gujratis are always ready to dance and when given a chance they prove themselves to be great performers. Here are the two songs of a Gujarati wedding:

1.Viro Maro Jagmag Jagmag


Photo Credit @youtube

A song that is dedicated to the brothers becoming the groom; “Viro Maro Jagmag Jagmag” is an essential song of a Gujarati Sangeet. The song is perfect for a Garba dance and is usually played loud during the sangeet.

2.Mehndi te Vaavi Maa Lave


Photo Credit@youtube

Another song that makes you pick the dandiya sticks and give your best performance, mehndi te vaavi maaLave is an inseparable part of a Gujarati wedding. Released in a remix style this song has pleasant lyrics and music full of beats.

A wedding without music is like a glass without water; empty. The music not only adds life to the wedding but also makes the event of two souls becoming one memorable.

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