7 Types Of Married Couples In India...Which One Can You Spot?

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7 Types Of Married Couples In India…Which One Can You Spot?

From the Page 3 types to the socially aware types, there are so many Married couples In India that  you can identify with! We give you 7  types of couples that you can easily spot. Which one are you?

1.Show offs – Oh we so love each other!

Married Couples in India Photo Credits @dnaindia

These are the people who can’t stay away from each other and would love to show how much they “LOVE” needlessly being in love…. in situations that do not even demand love, without realizing how irritating their love for Honey Bunny can be for others! Gawwwddd!

2. Blamers – the Blame game!

Married Couples in India Photo Credits @ Daily Dot

The AC is not working and the husband is at fault. The maid just quit because of the wife….! In fact if it rains too much it is surely the other half’s fault….! This type of couple can blame each other for inflation as well! Sigh!

3. Space Couples – We love Space!

Married Couples in india Photo Credits@ Bollywood Shaadis

Here the couple gives enough space to each other and are not the “CHIPKU” types unless both of them are required to be close and around each other. Balanced for sure, but warm enough…..? We let you decide that!

4. Married but Unmarried practically- Really?

Married Couples in India Photo Credits@India.com

A separate friends circle, the husband stays home while the wife is watching a  movie. There is separate food for the wife and the husband also has separate room to relax in. Everything is done solo !Why do such people even marry?

5. Honeymoon Couples  – The Bebu, Chweetu types!

Married Couples In India Photo Credits @Indian Express

Someone seriously needs to walk up to them and tell them that the honeymoon is over! The rant of the “baby, chweeto , shona and of course jaan” is just too irritating!

6.  The “Too Together Couple” – TTCs

Married Couples in India Photo Credits@ Filmfare

So they don’t need friends or the social circles. They do not need company and no ‘Teesra Insaan’ to enjoy their life. They are just two people in their own world and that have nothing to share with others!

7. The Parents – Literally The parents

Married Couples in india Photo Credits @ Dailymotion

As if others do not have children, this couple can go on and on about their children and parenting. In fact between the husband and wife, if anything exists, it is about the children and for the children! Even the diaper change is on Twitter!

While we look for more couples, let us know what more to add! We love to hear from you in the comments section!




Chitransha Chauhan

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