A Guide on How to Choose Your Bridal Hairstyle According to Face Shape!

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Your Ultimate Guide on How to Choose Best Bridal Hairstyle According to Face Shape!

One thing that every Indian bride wants, is to look breath-taking from head to toe on her wedding day. Now that isn’t possible until your hair is spot on! Your hairstyle should not only be complementing your outfit and jewellery, but it should also suit your face shape. So, one of the most important points you should know while prepping your hair is how to choose the best hairstyle according to face shape.

Nailing the perfect bridal hairstyle is a tad difficult task to accomplish. And it doesn’t get any better because all eyes will be fixed on you on your big day. So, if you are a bride-to-be, then you must have scrolled through hundreds of hairstyle options pinned down a couple of them by now.

What makes the task even more strenuous is that not every hairstyle will suit every face shape. Different face shapes consist of dissimilar features. Some might have a broader forehead with a narrow jawline while some might be the exact opposite. And the tricky part here is that what goes beautifully with one face shape might be a catastrophe for another.

For instance, round faces look adorable with voluminous hairdos that shelve out their roundness while square face shapes look better with soft waves balancing out their sharp features. Hence, if you are a bride to be, then you need to be very careful while choosing your hairstyle. And to be honest, choosing a hairstyle according to your face shape is not something you could do without some help.

So here we bring you a comprehensive guide on how to choose the perfect bridal hairstyle based on your face shape along with some expert tips and tricks to own them!

Types of Face Shapes and How To Determine Your Face Shape

To find the perfect Indian bridal hairstyle according to your face shape, you need to figure out your face shape first. There are 6 different face shape categories you could fall under. These are: Round, Oval, Square, Heart, Long/Oblong, and Diamond-shaped faces.

So, what is your face shape? The easiest way to determine that is by pulling your hair backwards and comparing the sizes of your facial features like forehead, cheekbones, jawlines, hairline, face length and width. Or you can even take a kajal, look into the mirror and draw an outline of your face to ascertain the same. Now, let’s discuss how to choose hairstyles according to your face shape in detail!

Bridal Hairstyle for Round Face

Round face shapes are the cutest of them all. People with a round face will have a big forehead, a soft jawline, and almost the same face length as the width. And to make such a chubby face appear slimmer, you could try playing with voluminous, textured, and bouncy hairdos like messy updos, loose braids or soft waves. Avoid straight, sleek or extremely tight hairstyles as they will transit attention back to your face instead of drawing it away.

Also, try out layers and bangs to hide the broad hairline or make it less prominent. While you could surely get inspired by celebrities with similar face shapes such as Sonakshi Sinha and Aishwarya Rai, we have some unique wedding hairstyle ideas for a round face.

1. A Chic Messy Updo With Side Flicks Makes For a Perfect Bridal Hairstyle For Round Face

bridal hairstyle for round face shape with voluminous wavy front and earlocks
Via: Aanalsavaliya

This chubby bride with a low bun amalgamated with twisted and voluminous front waves is such a treat to look at. The volume and the cascading flicks make her pretty face look slim, thin and elongated, while the colourful flowers tucked in the side break the monotony of her look.

2. Elegant Loose and Voluminous Side Parted Twisted Bun with Flicks

engagement hairstyle for round face with twisted hair locks
Via: Aanalsavaliya

One of the latest ways to up your hair game is to use the volume factor properly. A voluminous messy bun is such a smart and witty way to compliment your round face. Some curly fringes left out to caress the cheeks is the perfect pinch of casualness to add magic to the overall look.

3. Stylish Twisted Side-Braid Hairstyle for Round Face

side-braid hairstyle for round face for wedding
Via: Aanalsavaliya

A very trendy and statement-making hairstyle for brides with round chubby face shapes and long hair is to go all twisty. We totally love this unique yet gorgeous blend of twisted messy side braid and embellishments. The twisted thick crown waves with tousled curled flicks elevate the oomph. You should definitely give this fairytale hairstyle a try with a gown or a lehenga!

4. The Grand Top-Knot With A Puff and a Tiara

top-knot hairstyle on gown for round face shape with a hair puff
Via: Bhargavi Seth

This high curly bun with a puff is tailor-made for all the brides with round faces. And you thought girls with chubby cheeks can’t pull off a top-knot? Think again! You just need to make it super voluminous. The high puff is to enhance the height of your face, thus, giving an illusion of a longer face. Lastly, a crown to seal the hairstyle and show that you are the queen. Also, it works peculiarly well with gowns so, this is the apt choice to wear with your dreamy gown.

5. Center-Parted Loosely Tied Bun

Gorgeous wedding hairstyle for round face shape with dreamy locks and lots of volume
Via: Makeup By Parry

A mid-parted loose hairdo with a couple of hair flicks left astray is a gorgeous round face bridal look. Although side part usually works better for round faces, the volume and loose wavy strands are making the bride’s face appear slimmer here! And the twisted hair-locks around the bride’s maang tika is a modern take on the classic bridal bun. Add a back puff and some dainty flowers to decorate your bun, and your entire look will go to the next level. A perfect pick for round face brides with short hair.

6. Simplie and Classy South Indian Traditional Low Bun or Juda with Gajra

Simple south indian wedding hairstyle for round chubby face
Via: Makeup By Parry

Who said you can’t look adorable with classic and simple hairstyles? Take the bride in the picture here for example. You can always go for a pushed back hairstyle on a round face as long as you don’t pull the locks too tightly. Loose is the keyword to define your round face here. Bedeck your low bun or juda with gajra or some hair jewellery and there you are! Wedding-ready!

Indian Bridal Hairstyle For Oval Face

Some typical examples of gorgeous celebrities with an oval face shape would be Kiara Advani, Shraddha Kapoor, and Kriti Sanon. Oval is an ideal and the most flattering face shape that can carry any type of hairstyle and hair length gracefully.

Oval face shapes can be recognized by a beautiful elongated frame, a defined jawline, curvy chin with a bit wider forehead. The cheekbones are the widest part of their face structure. Picking a hairstyle according to your oval face shape is the easiest because almost every hairdo will look good on it.

1. Mid-Parted Braided Crown Hairstyle With Wavy Fringes for Oval Face

indian bridal hairstyle for oval face with braided front and loose side locks
Via: Aanalsavaliya

A stylish and striking hairdo with the front heavily braided and puffed up and the back hair left open. While the beautifully tied-up front allows your cheekbones to show through, the two strands of wavy hair on either side of the face really spice up the look. And for that final fairytale charm, add some dainty flowers adorning the front braids.

2. Twisted Messy Side Braid with Side Swept Fringes

lehenga hairstyles for oval face with side swept messy braid
Via: Glitz and Glamour Studio

We totally love how this funky and goofy hairstyle steals the show! The hairdo involves a super messy and puffed up side braid with an enormous amount of twists and turns, finally adorned with some fresh blooms. And the side-swept parting really gives off that modern vibe. Lastly, the curly hair flicks balances the other side beautifully.

3. Stylish Mid-Parted Updo With a Back Puff

lehenga hairstyles for oval face with bridal up-do and stray hairlocks
Via: Makeup by Parry

This mid-parted loose hairdo with a back puff and some curly flicks baring behind the ears is another casual and offbeat Indian bridal hairstyles for oval face that won’t fail to impress!

4. The Sophisticated Indian Bridal Updo For Oval Face Lined with Roses

Indian bridal hairstyle for oval face with top-knot
Via: Ritika Hairstylist

Sleek bridal buns with forehead framing matha patti is the most elegnat oval faces can go. With a neat and stylish bun as such, allow your makeup to highlight your pretty cheekbones to accentuate your face structure further. Adorn the bun with a lining of red roses for the ultimate regal look!

5. Simple Yet Elegant Half-Tied Hairstyle With Waves for Oval Face

Stylish oval face wedding hairstyles with waves and half updo
Via: Ritika Hairstylist

As far as bridal looks for oval faces go, this hairstyle is the simplest and classiest one you’ll come across. Take some thick hair strands from the front right by the ear, twist them, and then secure them in the back. To second it, create some waves in the open part of the hair and you are done!

Indian Bridal Hairstyle For Square Face

A square face shape is one with a very sharp bone structure. Their facial features exhibit a strong jawline which is almost of the same width as that of the forehead and cheekbones. If you have such a face shape, then hairstyle options that make your face look less wide are your go-to. Softening the strong jawline and the sharp edges to make the face appear longer, to create an illusion of oval face should be your goal here. So, you need to steer clear of sleek straight hairdos because they would only outline the face even more.

Moreover, prevent adding volume to the sides of your face. As it will only add width and emphasize its squareness even more. Instead, you should try out something asymmetrical like a side-parted hairdo. Also, outward curls, soft waves, messy and textured braids, etc. work like a charm. Some celebrities to take inspiration from in this regard would be Anushka Sharma and Kareena Kapoor.

1. Puffed Textured Bun Hairstyle with Fringes for Square Face

indian bridal hairstyle for small square face
Via: Alisha Makeup Artist

Long hair can be styled in so many different ways and a bouffant is one of them. A textured back bun with elegant fringes will turn out to be the best combo for your Indian bridal wear. Apart from looking super chic, it’s equally easy to DIY. Just tease your hair to add some texture and layers to them and tie back in a bun. Lay open some fringes from the front and you are good to go!

2. Half Updo With Soft Waves

Indian bridal hairstyle for square face with small puff and slight waves
Via: Doll You Up

A small puff with mid-partitioned hair with the rest of the hair falling down the sides is the ultimate sleek bridal hairdo. We love how gracefully the subtle waves complement the little puff. Works great for both mid-length and long hair. This is one of the perfect picks for hairstyle according to square face shape.

3. Half Up Half Down Indian wedding Hairstyle for a Square Face

Indian wedding hairstyle idea for square face with curled ends
Via: Doll You Up

A modern and contemporary hairstyle for brides with square face shapes. Soft twisty curly ends along with a simple half tied hairdo make the perfect way to add an Indo-Western touch to your bridal attire. And to accessorize this lovely look, a dainty maang-tika will surely work wonders. This can also work to be a graceful option for brides with shoulder-length hair type.

4. Mid-Parted Slightly Textured Wavy Hairdo

Sleek wedding hairstyle idea for square face with waves
Via: Natashha

Dear square face brides, this is a simple and minimalistic yet extremely gorgeous way to up your hair game! All you need to do is part your tresses from the middle and add some loose waves towards the ends. Drizzle some hairspray to lock in the waves and add some texture as well.

5. Side-Parted Hair With Beachy Loose Waves

Elegant square face hairstyle idea for engagement with waves
Via: Ritika Hairstylist

This is one of our top picks for hairstyle ideas according to square face shape. Notice how the bride here was careful enough to not start adding the loose beachy waves right from the top. Otherwise, her face would have looked even wider. Those outward curls cascading from the mid hair are instead adding the right amount of volume to the lower half and perfectly balancing her sharp jawline. And to make the look more elegant and stylish, she has chosen to part her hair sideways. Totally gorgeous!

Bridal Hairstyle For Heart Shaped Face

Think of Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt! Yes, that’s what your face shape is like. A heart-shaped face features a relatively broad forehead with a sharp chin. You can opt for a hairstyle that creates an illusion of a narrow forehead or a slightly softened chin. But sleek hairdos are a big NO because that might cause a blunder when paired with your pointy chin. You can rather choose to keep your locks in front or around the face for a fuller chin appearance. Indian bridal hairstyle for heart-shaped face like side-swept fringes, tied hair with flicks, braids and messy updos will best suit you.

1. Classic Top-Knot Hairstyle with Curly Flicks for Heart Shaped Face

high top-knot / bun bridal hairstyle with gown for heart shaped face
Via: Glitz and Glamour Studio

You would look adorable with a top knot decked with a tiara and a small puff. Along with that, some strands of loose soft curls help to accentuate your cheekbones and make your sharp chin look a bit wider.

2. Traditional Bridal Floral Bun With Matha-Patti

top-knot as indian bridal hairstyle for heart-shaped face

The ultimate bridal hairdo to kill the stage is a floral bun! You could also tweak this trendy hairdo a bit with a small back puff to elongate your face. While doing so, don’t forget to add some pretty flowers to line your bun. And to get things on the run, wear a heavy matha-patti for an extra dimension that will again, work in your favor to conceal the broad aspects of your forehead.

3. Evergreen Messy Braid With Side Puffs

Messy and fluffy braid with back puff for heart shaped face
Via: Ritika Hairstylist

An exotic yet stellar hairstyle to rock on your wedding day! Just mess up your hair a little bit and add some volume to it. Then, create a very fluffy and messy braid on purpose with mid-parting at a front and a small puff. Now, you just need a maang tika and Voila! The bride is ready to rock her big day!

4. Blow Dried Side Parted Open Hair With Loose Curls and layers

voluminous textured hairdo for heart shaped face
Via: Ritika Hairstylist

The thick beachy outward curls create a heavenly look for you that is sure to make heads turn! Look at the cascading layers of waves that make the jaw look wider. You surely couldn’t have asked for a better wedding hairstyle.

5. Low Pony-tied Hair with Flicks

ponytail indian bridal hairstyle for heart-shaped face
Via: Ritika Hairstylist

As far as hairstyles for heart-shaped faces are concerned, this one by far is the most unique yet simplistic hairdo. The bride here has her tresses teased up for a messy appearance and secured them in a low ponytail. To break the monotony, she has wisely pulled out some strands to decorate her pretty heart-shaped face.

6. Indian Bridal Hairstyle with Curly Side Swept Hair for Heart Shaped Face

side swept messy hairdo for heart shaped face
Via: Shreya J Makeup and Hair

What could be better than your luscious curls swept to one side! It looks so gorgeous that onlookers won’t be able to take their eyes off of you. So, you don’t need to pin your entire hair down every time. Instead, you can dramatize your look by pinning hair on one side and volumizing it with all sorts of curls. This will soften your features and bring out that 90s rock and roll vibe in you.

Bridal Hairstyle for Long Face

If the length of the face is more than its width, then you probably have a long or oblong face shape. So, your ideal hairstyle according to your face shape should enhance the width of your face. Take Katrina Kaif and Sonam Kapoor as your inspiration here. You could play around with some curls and waves as these will create sideward width to balance out your natural face elongation or length. Moreover, all kinds of fringes are your best friend. However, you need to avoid hair puffs as these will make your face even longer.

1. Nice Wavy Open Hairstyle with Minimal Tie-Up

Tie-Up indian bridal hairstyle for long face
Via: Doll You Up

Rather than opting for a heavy hairstyle with braids, twists, or a puff, just grab some strands from the front of your hairline. Then, twist and secure them in the back. Leaves much more hair across the hairline which you can style in cascading curls. Similarly, the curls at the side balance out the length of your face to give an illusion of an oval face. Adorn this sleek look with a loud maang tika with your lehenga, saree, or even with an Indo western outfit like sharara to cut the mundane feel!

2. Modern Messy Side Braid Hairstyle for Long Face

messy puffed up braid as wedding hairstyle for big forehead
Via: Natassha

A puffed-up side braid placed in a purposeful messy yet elegant way makes for a trendy hairstyle on a long face. Along with that, the loose side wavy curls are adding more width to balance out your face length. And to make the hairdo look even better, you could add some flowers or other embellishments to the braid. It gives such chic and Boho vibes that onlookers will stop and stare for a while!

3. Indian Bridal Look for Long Face with Side Swept Fringes and Vintage Curls

Side parted hair with waves as bridal hairstyle for broad forehead
Via: Ritika Hairstylist

A side-parted open hairstyle might seem to be too clichéd. But, add some curls throughout the hair, and it becomes a pretty interesting affair. Not only does it increase volume and add width to your face, but also hides a bit of your long forehead with that side parting.

 4. Elegant Hairdo With Outward Curls and Matha – Patti

indian bridal hairstyle for big forehead with math patti
Via: Ritika Hairstylist

The bride here is lending such an enigmatic presence that could make everybody go weak in their knees. A simple yet sleek way to steal your groom’s heart, isn’t it? The witty hairdo creates a lot of volume in the lower part of the hair. While on the upper part, the matha-patti steals away all the attention. It does the job of hiding your elongated forehead and also makes you look like a regal queen!

5. Beautiful Wavy Half Open Hairstyle with Front Braided Crown

Voluminous waves as bridal hairstyle for long face
Via: Ritika Hairstylist

A unique yet charming take on the usual bridal braids! Mid-part your hair and grab some strands from both the sides and tie back to make a braided crown. Fill your cascading tresses with wavy curls all over. A beachy affair indeed! This surely is a nice Indian bridal hairstyle for long face brides to try out for an engagement function or a reception ceremony!

Hairstyles For Diamond Shaped Faces

Diamond face shapes include higher and wider cheekbones with a sharp chin. Along with that, the length of the face is generally a bit more than the width. So, the ideal hairstyle for these would be something that doesn’t add to the wide cheekbones.

Bridal hairstyle according to a diamond face shape should create an illusion of a broader forehead and jawline. The celebrities to take inspiration from here are Malaika Arora and Madhuri Dixit. Wear your hair down and loose or if you wanna go with buns, leave out some fringes to frame your face perfectly.

1. Wear Open Hair with Matha-Patti and Some Loose Outward Curls Under the Jawline

Wavy hairdo with matha patti for diamond face shape
Via: Doll You Up

You see the matha patti here is doing its job right by giving the bride an appearance of a broader forehead. Moreover, take note that all the curls and waves in the hair go beneath the jawline thus, accentuating it. Hence, your face shape is not a drawback until you know how to use it to your benefit. Such a witty way to up your bridal hair game! Diamond face brides with short to medium length hair can also try this out.

2. Or Let Your Hair Down With Slight Waves

Loose hair with slight waves for diamond face shape
Via: Glow Lush by Neet

This bride went for a simple open hairstyle yet pulled it off beautifully. Besides, the waves add volume in the lower half and thus, make it look broader. Now, this, in turn, allows the cheekbones to be highlighted making it an ideal hairstyle for diamond shaped faces.

3. Braided Tie-Up With Textured Messy Curls

Messy curls with front braid tie-up for diamond shaped faces
Via: Ritika Hairstylist

A fun way to play with your front hair is by grabbing some strands and tying them in a braid to secure at the back. Then, you could curl up the rest of your luscious long hair into a braid or leave it open and wavy to emphasize your symmetrical diamond shaped face.

4. Side-Parted Hair With Elegant Beachy Waves

Sleek loose hair with twisted waves for diamond shaped faces
Via: Tripti Malhotra Official

This side-parted wavy hairstyle looks so youthful and elegant. Furthermore, the slightly twisted curls cascading down adds to her beauty. While the waves are adding an adequate amount of volume to soften the bride’s sharp chin, they are also highlighting her cheekbones like anything. A gorgeous hairdo for diamond face brides indeed!

Perhaps, you were wondering before arriving here that picking the ideal bridal hairstyle according to face shape was next to impossible. But with this comprehensive guide on how to choose a hairstyle based on face shape, we hope to have made you think otherwise!

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