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Wedding Styling: For the Bride/Groom And the Family-WedAbout

An Indian wedding brings with it masses of tasks and preparations to be done, not just for the bride/groom but the whole family itself, before D-Day arrives. There is needful to be done for each and every event. Be it mehendi, sangeet, phere or anything. The arrangements need an eye of detail. In such a case it becomes very difficult for the bride/groom and the family to keep their style statement esteemed. There arrives the need of wedding stylists to take the burden off your shoulders and take care of the rest. Wedding styling, contrary to what people believe, is more of a necessity than luxury.  WedAbout, with the help of their expert stylist Priyanka Ajmera, The Wedding Styling Co. brings you all the piece of information you need to know about wedding styling.

1. The Need

Wedding Styling Wedding Styling


As says our expert, “the attire you carry brings all the classiness in your wedding. It is very important that you as a bride/groom along with your family are dressed in high toned manner. It should be made sure that the amount you invest in buying your outfits is done rightly which necessitates the Wedding Styling.”

2. Assistance Given

Wedding Styling


Wedding Stylists are the proficient who pick up the best styling for you in specific budget given by you. “Styling may vary from personality to personality. Attire, jewellery, makeup etc differs from individual to individual. Hence the client’s choices and preferences are studied first and accordingly, styling is done” says our expert Priyanka Ajmera. Wedding stylists, according to the financial plan you give, provide numerous assistance for all the pre-wedding, wedding as well as the post-wedding events.

a. Designing the bride’s/ groom’s and the family’s attire.

b. Crafting the complementing jewellery to best suit the dress.

c. Providing the best makeup artists to chose from.

d. Honeymoon shopping and trousseau.

e. Hair, Skin, Makeup, diet & detox, fitness for the bride.

Our wedding stylist assures to provide the finest styling to you which you won’t regret wearing even after years. Yes! That means you can rock the wedding day look from head to toe. (Can’t ask for more. Right?) If you want more, then here it comes. If you are planning for a themed wedding (E.g. retro theme for a cocktail party) then you are styled on the same lines.

3. Wedding Styling Trends

Wedding Styling


For The Bride- Gals it’s time to ditch the reds and the Maroons. If not, then red in combination with white is a classy and a trending thing to go for. It’s time to bring the uniqueness in your outfit by opting for unusual yet subtle shades and printed fabrics (Don’t worry! Let the experts do it for you).

For The Groom- The grooms can complement their brides by sporting bright shades or deep English colours. Kurtas and Bandis never go out of fashion.

4. Expert’s Advice

Wedding Styling


“If you spend crores for your special day, then spending just the 1/10th of it to get the best of your look is totally worth it.” Our expert Priyanka Ajmera, The Wedding Styling Co. is known to give complete personal attention to one client at a time that means the paramount shall be on your platters. Need I say more people!

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