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Laser Hair Removal Treatment Before Marriage

Flawlessly beautiful skin on the special day of your wedding can be achieved by getting rid of those tiny unwanted hair which impart illusionistic darkening, roughness and unattractive look to your skin. Shaving, tweezing or waxing are surely the options to choose from but if you are tired with these then laser hair removal treatment is your thing. Want to know more? WedAbout with the help of their expert, Dr. Sachin Dhawan (who is MD, DVD and is also a founder member of SAARC Association of Aesthetic Dermatology), helps you get well acquainted with all about the laser hair removal treatment.

1. Laser Hair Reduction: An Outline

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The treatment, as says our expert, works on the basis of selective photothermolysis. He explains “the procedure involves a particular wavelength of laser light being absorbed in the melanin pigment of hair which destroys the hair follicle.”  The treatment demands time and patience for the best results. Dr. Dhawan says “8-10 sessions may be required for the best results and post treatment maintenance sessions required at regular intervals.”

2. Types

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“There are four types of lasers used in the treatment namely Diode 810 nm, Alexandrine 750 nm, NdYAG 1064 nm and Intense Pulsed Light. Most effective are Alexandrine and Diode, especially the In Motion lasers where skin burn and pigmentation almost never happen” describes our expert.

3. Pre- Treatment Concerns

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Getting a patch test done before your treatment is a good idea since it helps you become sure about the safety of the treatment. Although our expert assures that “the in motion lasers are safe and can be done without patch test.” Although practices like, limitation of plucking, waxing and electrolysis is much advisable at least six weeks before getting the treatment (since it temporarily removes the hair root which otherwise should be targeted by the laser during treatment, hence decreasing its efficiency).

4. Benefits

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The Laser Hair Removal Treatment helps you get rid of unwanted hair for a longer term especially on areas like upper lip, side locks, under arms and legs.  Above all, it helps you acquire silky smooth skin which you always dreamt of!

5. Side Effects

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As quoted by our expert “the treatment should be done very carefully. If not done correctly, it can lead to skin burns, pigmentation and increase of hair growth.” If you are a person with a sensitive skin then complaints like redness, itching, swelling in the treated area, pain, tingling and numbness can occur. Therefore, make sure that you get into the right and experienced hands for your treatment.

6. Cost

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“The cost of the treatment depends on the area to be treated. It varies from 1,000 INR per session (for upper lip) to 25,000 INR per session (for full body)” mentions our expert.

7. Post Treatment Care

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“It is important to keep your skin protected from sun at least for a day post session. Whereas avoid exercises and massages for two days minimum” says Dr. Dhawan.

Now when you are all geared up with all the knowledge of the laser hair removal treatment, go and attain the feather touch soft skin you always longed for!

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