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5 Traits Of A Punjabi Bride

A Punjabi “kudi” does not need any introduction. Born in a culture-rich land and brought up amidst the green field of “saroo” flowers, a Punjabi girl is a perfect blend of all the traits that beautify a feminine personality. The typical daughter of Punjab when turns to a Punjabi bride takes an “avatar” of heartthrob Indian “Dulhan“. But what makes a Punjabi bride the most wanted Bride?  WedAbout reveals the answer to this question through the 5 traits of the Punjabi Bride:

1.Bold & Beautiful

Punjabi Bride

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The folklore of “Heer-Ranjha, Soni-Mahiwal, Sahiba-Mirza” all sing the superlative beauty of a Punjabi girl. When they are all made up with the essentials of a bride they look even prettier. The beauty runs in their genes as they have the most striking looks and lovely hair that make a long “guth” (Punjabi cross braid) adding perfection to their splendor.Not only beautiful but they are bold and daring. If they are up to something, they will end up having it in their hands. If they do not like you-you can see it on their face. They do not fear any ill and boldly do what is the best.

2.Modern Yet Traditional

Punjabi Bride

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The Punjabi bride is not untouched with the modern culture, yet she is bound towards the roots of her culture and tradition. They look like a goddess with a  “bindi“, “choodiyaan“, “phulkari“, “jutti“,  “prandi“, “suit“, “gotta“, & yes the “choora“. They love wearing a “choora” as long as they can but do not compromise with a modern look wearing a tank top & rugged denim.

3.The Lovely Laughter

Punjabi Bride

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A Punjabi Bride is fun loving and knows how to live every moment to the core. She spreads happiness wherever she goes and makes everyone happy with their contagious smile. Always in a mood of fun and frolic, the Punjabi bride knows the solution to every situation and she does it with her magnificent smile.

4.The Ideal “Bahu

Punjabi Bride

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Drawing their roots from a family rich in culture the perfect Punjabi daughter makes even perfect daughter in law. She is best in the kitchen serving the yummiest food in the earth and at the same time have respect and gratitude for her elders. She never forgets to pull on the “chunni” on her head when she is with her elders. The Punjabi bride knows how to be friendly with her sister-in-law and brother-in-law and at the same time how to be the ideal “bahu” for her mother-in-law and father-in-law.

5.A Real Multi-tasker

Punjabi Bride

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From kitchen to fields, a Punjabi bride is well versed with every chore. She knows how to prepare “makhan” and also the art of making the yummy “saroo da saag“. If you need her help, she can drive a car and a tractor as well. You name it and a Punjabi bride has her expertise in that task.

With all these traits a Punjabi bride is a perfect “bahu” for every home. She is the perfect blend of all the qualities that an Indian daughter in law may have. And this is not it; there are many other qualities that make the Punjabi bride the most awesome bride of the world.

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