Sneak Peek Into a Traditional Marathi Wedding

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Indian Wedding Flavors 1: Sneak Peek Into a Traditional Marathi Wedding

The humble lifestyle of people of Maharashtra is well reflected in their wedding ceremonies. A traditional Marathi wedding ranks high on rituals and traditions. As part of our Indian Wedding Flavors segment. WedAbout gives you a sneak peek into the sacred wedding customs and traditions from the land of Marathas:

Marathi Wedding wedabout Photo credit@Our Wedding Chapter

The Rituals

Marathi Wedding wedabout Photo credit@ Our Wedding Chapter

Marathi Wedding wedabout Photocredit@Our Wedding Chapter

Marathi Wedding wedabout Photocredit@Our Wedding Chapter

In a typical Marathi household, they follow traditional rituals. The rituals begin well before the wedding day and continue afterwards. The first pre-wedding ceremony is Sakhar Puda. This is similar to an engagement ceremony. Other pre-wedding ceremonies are the Kelvan ceremony, Halad Chadavane, and Simant puja. The wedding ceremony begins with an Antarpat ceremony. In this, the brides arrive at the mandap cloaked behind a silk shawl. Others ceremonies are Sankalp ceremony. This also includes KanyadaanSaptapadhi (pheras), and Karmasampati ritual. In this, the couple, with the bride’s father, invokes the Gods to bless the wedlock. An important post-wedding ritual is the aarti puja. It is performed by the groom’s mother. This is followed by washing the couple’s feet with milk and water. The bride, then, enters her new home. In this, there is knocking over a pot filled with rice.

The Attire


Marathi Wedding wedabout Photocredit@ Our Wedding Chapter

The groom is dressed in a kurta and dhoti. They wear a decorated cloth worn across the chest. A petha (traditional headgear) is worn to cover the head. The groom also wears a headband made with flowers, pearls and golden strings.

The bride is dressed in a traditional Paithani saree. This is worn with a Nau vari drape. Along with this, there is green glass and pure gold bangles. Also, a crescent moon-shaped bindi, Nath, is worn. The headgear – Munda Valya – identical to that of the groom.

The Cuisine

Marathi Wedding wedabout Photo credit@Pinterest

The traditional meal in a Marathi wedding is simple vegetarian food. It is considered inauspicious to consume non-veg on sacred occasions. Batata vada, bhajis, Shrikhand and Puran Poli are a must-have on the wedding menu.

A Marathi wedding can be a true joy to behold. This consists of good old Indian traditions and customs. The essence of marriage is best summed up in these simple rituals.

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