5 Tips To Create Your Wedding Guest List

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5 Tips to create your Wedding Guest list

Out of all the wedding preparations, creating you wedding guest list is a one time job. However it requires your focus. WedAbout brings you some tips which you can use while preparing your guest list as a part of your wedding planning.

1.  Create The First Draft

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Using your phone book, email and social media contacts will be a good source to begin from. Jot down the names you want to invite and discuss with family to avoid any confusion. Using tools like Google Docs is advisable as it eases the editing, reviewing and sharing of your document. If technology is not your thing the old paper and pen works just as good.

2.  Categorize Your List

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Categorize your list in any of the multiple criteria possible. It can be on the basis of location (like local or out town), relationship (family friend or office), etc. It will help you profusely when you find the need to edit your list anytime later.

3.  Prioritize Them

wedding guest list wedding guest list wedding guest list


It is very important to prioritise the people for e.g. in A (including the essential guests’ names) , B (being not so important yet invited) and C (representing those who can be cut off from the list) categories. It is an orderly way of classifying your guests.

 4.  Review Your Budget

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The number of guests to be invited primarily depends on the budget. Every increasing guest in the list increases the cost and affects the budget. Hence keeping an eye on your budget and constantly reviewing it is the key.

5.  Consult The Family


wedding guest list wedding guest list

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To avoid any last minute crisis happening, it is judicious that before finalizing and finishing off with your list, you discuss it with your family wherein all the aspects can be considered. At this point of time all sorts of checking can be done and a list of final invitees can be prepared.

The wedding guest list preparation is a bit of a stressful task however if you use these tips it will assist in making the list in a worry-free manner!

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