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Top 6 Things to Consider while deciding the Wedding Menu

Celebrate your wedding the Indian style – ‘Eat, Drink & be Merry’.  Be it the yummilicious snacks, delectable main course or the sinful desserts, guests look forward to good food. To ensure that this enjoyment lasts long, decide upon a mouthwatering wedding menu.

Some key things WedAbout recommends you to consider, which will make the task of planning for an impeccable menu, a cake walk.

1. Veg/Non-Veg

Wedding Menu

Deciding on whether to have a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian cuisine or a combination of both to cater to different guests is primary. Subsequently you can tie-up with a caterer who is a specialist for both the options. Carefully chart out how many vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes will suffice for the number of guests attending the wedding.

“Usually there will be about 6 veg and 6 non veg snacks that do the rounds, along with some knick-knacks and munchies that are placed along the table and the bar. Some guests demand imported meats, fresh oysters and other seafood which is flown in especially for the wedding. Certain exotic variety of fruits are also imported from abroad. It totally depends on the expense that the guest is willing to absorb.” says, Mr. Kushagra Nagrath, President at Zephyr Hospitality Pvt. Ltd and specialist in niche and boutique catering.

2. Starters/main-course/desserts

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“Variety is the order of the day. The clients usually opt for at least 5-6 cuisines and a huge dessert section. A growing trend is to have live counters along with fully operational restaurant ‘sets’ to cater to the guests attending functions. Today the weddings are no less in terms of product value. Like the old saying goes people might not remember the set but they will always remember if the food served was good or not, therefore, it is the most important choice”, adds, Kushagra.

Starters are the first interaction of food with the guests at the wedding. They have to be outstanding to grab the invitees’ attention. The best option for starters is finger foods. Kebabs both veg and non-veg, spring rolls, chilly potato, dry mushroom, dry Manchurian both veg and non-veg, chilly chicken dry, crispy honey chicken are some of the popular starters.

Main Course is an essential part of the entire 3-course wedding menu. It should have enough variety of options within your budget and should also cover regional flavours as well as other cuisines like Thai, Chinese, Italian, etc.

The Desserts’ counter is the most attractive corner of the entire wedding. Guests can satiate their desire for sweets with these innocent indulgences.

3. Guest list and their preferences

Wedding Menu

 The wedding menu should be decided according to the cultural and regional background of the guests. Include some regional dishes in the wedding menu to cater to their tastes. If the majority of the guests prefer non-veg, include various meats and seafood in your wedding menu. You need to also consider if the guests are coming with the younger lot i.e. the kids, include some attractive dishes for them too.

4. Portion size

Wedding Menu

Cost of the meal per person depends on cuisines, the price of serving the food and the ingredients. The caterer might suggest you include smaller portion servings which will take care of your budget limitations.

Small portions in your wedding menu are also served so that the guests are able to enjoy the variety of food options. Following the current trends, instead of serving food in big dishes and platters, caterers opt for shot glasses and small bowls which corresponds with the theme of the wedding too.

5. Season

Wedding Menu

This determines the variety and kind of dishes you would want to include in your menu. “Every season has a different menu. For summers, coolers like mocktails and shakes, seasonal fruits and veggies in salads is the best choice. Beverages including soups, coffee, hot milk and desserts like gajar halwa and moong dal halwa are apt for winters.”, specifies Mr. Mayank Tandon, Director and CEO, Grillworks Hospitality

6. Theme

Wedding Menu

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“Theme weddings are in vogue as most couples today want to get married in style. The food is chosen in tandem with the theme of the wedding and the unique props and accessories are added to set the mood for the wedding,” says Mayank.

A Chinese theme would entail noodles, Manchurian, fried-rice and the authentic Cantonese cuisine. For an Indian theme, chatakdaar chaat, biryani, butter chicken, paranthas, veggies and variety of chutneys can be included in the menu. An Italian menu could include lasagna, pasta, cheese platter and tiramisu for desserts.

Menu cards being sent along with the invitation cards to let the guests know about the themed starters, main course and desserts for the wedding.

A good wedding menu is how the happy, smiling and well-fed guests remember the wedding.

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