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Top 10 Amazing Trends in Indian Wedding Bridal Jewellery

They say that a girl can never have enough jewellery and when the girl is the bride to be then enough is not even a word. With the bridal season around the corner, the markets are full of new bridal trends. Almost every accessory of an Indian bride has got many varieties available. One such accessory that has got the most exciting trends this year is the bridal jewellery. It has a distinctive feeling attached, this is what you wear when you take the 7 pheras with your beloved and tie the knot of the strongest bond in the universe. If the day is so special then the jewellery must compliment it. Here WedAbout is with the top 10 amazing trends in Indian wedding bridal Jewellery:

1.Diamond Jewellery

Bridal Jewellery

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Diamonds are girl’s best friends, indeed they are and when it is your special day your best friend must be with you. 2016 has come up with a lot of experiments in the diamond jewellery and trust us, these experiments have made the fine jewellery mighty finest. With many designs available you can choose the best for you according to your taste and budget.


Bridal Jewellery

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Having its roots in the Mughal rule this is the royal jewellery that completes your look and makes you a royal bride. This jewellery is breathtakingly splendid as it is made out of 24 carat gold which makes it a pricey possession.


Bridal Jewellery

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This is a form of traditional jewellery that gets transferred from one generation to other as a symbol of the wealth and heritage of the family. This jewellery has traditional designs and is usually made of gold. They represent the true art with the beautiful carvings done on them by the ancient goldsmiths. If you are not blessed with such a heritage need not to worry. With the rise in the popularity, there are many jewellers who make antique bridal jewellery on demand.

4.Temple Jewellery

Bridal Jewellery


This jewellery is associated with the Goddesses in South India. It is considered to be pious and wearing them brings luck to the marriage. This is the jewellery that the idols of the goddesses were adorned with. With bright and chunky necklaces this jewellery is a fine choice for your wedding.

5.Layered Fusion

Bridal Jewellery

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With the fusion heat making the temperature high, the Indian wedding bridal jewellery has already caught its heat. The fusion jewellery is the recent thing in the air. With lots of layers of beaded and metal strings, this is a type of jewellery that is best suitable for theme based wedding ceremony.

6.Vintage Bridal Jewellery

Bridal Jewellery

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The jewellery that defines the art of an era is known as vintage jewellery. This type of jewellery has made a comeback in the trends. It is the now becoming first choice of many brides. It offers you a vintage look and makes the whole wedding a royal affair.


Bridal Jewellery

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The most sophisticated type of bridal jewellery category is Pearl jewellery. The jewellery gives the bride a serene look which makes her appearance even more graceful. You can go for pearl jewellery moulded in gold or with the pearls in a string to form necklaces.

8.Colored Gemstones

Bridal Jewellery

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A beautiful neck piece with set rubies doesn’t it sounds so awe-inspiring. Yes, it does and when you will wear this, on your D-Day you must look the most beautiful bride ever. This jewellery has the base of gold or silver with many precious gemstones set on the top. With beautiful designs available this jewellery is a very delicate piece of art.


Bridal Jewellery

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A colourful presentation; the meenakari jewellery will be your first choice if you are fond of bright colours. Added with enamelled beautiful stones, this jewellery originated from Rajasthan. With beautiful designs of a peacock, fish and motifs, etc. this jewellery makes you an elegant and bright bride on your D-Day.

10.Polki Diamond Jewellery

Bridal Jewellery

Photo Credit@RajeshDigital

Polki diamonds are the unfinished natural diamonds. When represented in a mesmerising design these diamonds are the most splendid thing to own. And when it is the day of your wedding there is no better option of bridal jewellery than the Polki Diamond jewellery.

To be the most elite and graceful bride of the millennium, you are just a few steps away. Buying the perfect and stylish bridal jewellery from the styles described above which suits your “shadi ka joda”, may let you take those final steps towards the marriage preparations.

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