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Plan an exotic Destination Wedding outside India: WedAbout

Destination weddings outside India have always been a very lavish affair. If you want something really grand for your wedding, then fly off to the most prominent international location. Tie your knot in one of the most magical locations around the world. Get charm by the beauty of shimmering white beaches, beautiful mountain ranges, serene deserts, or thousands of locations worldwide.

WedAbout is here with all the details that you might require to plan your wedding outside India.

Two Exotic Wedding Locations – Thailand And Bali

Though the world is filled with exotic wedding locations, Bali and Thailand, these days tops the list of most desired of wedding destinations around the world. These southern Asian countries are bestowed with magical natural beauty. The proximity to India and the presence of Indian vibes make them the perfect wedding locations for a Destination wedding. The luxurious resorts, white sand beaches, the lyrical ocean waves, mythical mystique, etc. make them the perfect wedding locations. Both these amazing wedding locations offer you a budgeted wedding in the paradise lands.


Destination Wedding Huahin

Destination Wedding Banayan Tree Pattaya

Destination Wedding

A renowned tourists and honeymoon destination, Thailand is also a splendid wedding destination. Blessed with beautiful white beaches and luxurious hotels, it is a seamless wedding gateway. Because of its proximity to India, affordable hotel rates and abundant Indian culture, it is a perfect wedding location outside India. Because of a number of Indian weddings in Thailand, arranging for a destination wedding here has now become a stable task. The blend of exotic Thai along with rich Indian culture gives your wedding a grand look and feel. Be it a beach or a luxurious resort wedding, Thai unique courtesy and culture will make your guests go all intoxicated. Some of the best wedding venues in Thailand are:

  • The Banyan Tree, Phuket
  • JW Marriott Resort and Spa, Phuket
  • Sheraton, Pattaya
  • Grand Centara Mirage, Pattaya
  • Holiday Inn, Bangkok

So, all you need to do is to hire a veteran wedding planner and Pack your bags to make beautiful memories, while you get married in Thai paradise. Read more about Destination Wedding Venues in Thailand.


Destination Wedding Ayana Resort

Destination Wedding St. Regis

Destination Wedding

Bali “The Island Of Gods is another marvel creation of Nature. This beautiful Island in southern Asia houses a number of mystic white sand beaches. It is one of the most sought out wedding location in the world. Forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs, religious sites like the Cliffside Uluwatu Temple, the beachside lively bars, yoga and meditation retreats and a number of convivial resorts, make this beautiful Island a perfect setting for a fairy-tale wedding. Let the clear blue skies and the white sand beaches be the marquee for your dream destination wedding. And let the lyrical water waves play the most magical orchestra on your D-day. Plan your destination wedding in traditional Indian style with a perfect blend of Balinese culture. Here are some of the promising venues for your dream wedding in Bali.

  • Ayana Resort and Spa, Bali
  • Banyan Tree Ungasan Resort
  • The St. Regis Bali Resort
  • Conrad Hotel and Resort
  • Mulia Villas

Plan your island wedding in one of the most beautiful creations of nature. Add magic to your wedding and enjoy your wedding to the fullest by hiring an expert wedding planner. Read more about Destination Wedding In Bali.

Perquisites of Destination Wedding In Bali And Thailand

Bali and Thailand are among the most beautiful gifts of nature bestowed to us by God. But that’s not enough reason to plan your wedding here. Here we have more reason for you, to plan your wedding here.

Wide Ranging Wedding Options

Destination wedding Beach Wedding

Destination wedding Chapel Wedding

Destination Wedding

Both Thailand and Bali are filled with unique and beautiful wedding locations. Nature has blessed them with beautiful mountain ranges, serene deserts, shimmering white beaches, tropical greens, and much more. Both these locations are further festooned with luxurious hotels, beautiful chapels and many more beautiful wonders. Your choice of wedding venue when considering the Bali and Thailand is endless. You can opt for a wedding on a top of a cliff, underwater amidst colourful corals, on a vast voyage amongst serene ocean, in a luxurious resort, peaceful white sand beach and so on.

Your Wedding Budget

Destination Wedding

Both Bali and Thailand are pretty close to India. They lie within the affordable limits of your wedding budget. A wedding in these locations is quite comparable to the cost of a wedding in India. You can easily find accommodation,  various wedding vendors like catering services, decorations, venues, etc. well within your budget.

If you decide to bring specialists from home, expect to cover their travel and lodging costs; a clean, safe hotel within 30 minutes of your venue is a must. Negotiate these expenses up front so things don’t get out of control.

A Great Bonding

Destination WEdding

A Destination Wedding in Thailand and Bali will promise you a more intimate wedding. It will give your guests and family member more chances to gel up with each other more closely. Plan a welcome dinner and next-day brunch, and deliver welcome bags to their rooms, full of essentials for the trip, like suntan lotion, water and bug spray.Hence strengthening the bond between the families of the bride and the groom side.

An Indian Touch In An International Location

Destination wedding Indian Décor In Thailand

Destination Wedding Indian Wedding In Phuket

Destination Wedding

India is now a global country, which has marked its presence in almost every country of the world. Bali and Thailand, both have a significant presence of Indian culture. So host your wedding in true Indian style. You can easily engage local Indians vendors at a reasonable cost to give your wedding an undisputed Indian touch.

Entertainment – An Added Advantage

Destination Wedding Bali Welcome Dance
Destination Wedding Thai Dance

Destination Wedding

Both Bali and Thailand have a beautiful culture. The local entertainment of both Bali and Thailand is very engaging. It will promise you an added splendour to your wedding. Enjoy a wide variety of entertainment like Polynesian and Belly Dancers, Fire Acrobats, Trio bands, traditional dancers, etc.

A Honeymoon Extravaganza

Destination wedding HoneyMoon in Hua Hin

Destination Wedding

You have already picked one of the most beautiful locations for your wedding. Do no more homework for your Honeymoon Destination. Plan your Honeymoon in the same beautiful location. This will both save you on your money and your time.

Time To Get Started With The Preparations

Get your wedding preparations started on time to avoid any last minute hassles.

Plan Your Budget

Destination Wedding

Start Wedding preparations for a Destination Wedding Outside India at least six months prior to your wedding. Start with Budget Planning as your first step. Your Budget is the basis for all the wedding planning. If a planner isn’t in your budget, look for a resort with a strong on-site coordinator.

Venue Booking

Destination Wedding Sentido Khao Lak

Destination Wedding

Get your venue booking done beforehand. Both Thailand and Bali are on the hot list for the destination wedding. So you need to get your bookings done in advance to avoid any discomfort at a later stage.

Hire A Wedding Planner

Destination Wedding Wedding Planner

Destination Wedding Wedding Planner

Destination Wedding

Hire a veteran wedding planner that is an expert in hosting weddings in that country. Make sure your wedding planner lock the marriage officer and can manage all wedding logistics. More Reasons For Why You Should Hire Event Planner For Your Wedding.

Pre-Order For Designer Label Lehenga

Destination Wedding Designer Lehenga

Destination Wedding

Be fully prepared before you reach your wedding destination. Your Bridal Lehenga is one most important part of your wedding. Pre-order your Lehenga on time. And get all the alterations done in advance. Avoid all the alterations and modifications after your reach your wedding destination. Get acquainted with some of the Bridal Lehengas And More Like Never Before.

Guest List Trimming

Destination Wedding

You have planned your wedding miles away from your hometown. Hence you will need to trim your guest list to a selected number of guests. This will help to finalize with the bookings and preparations.

Tips For Wedding Planning In Bali And Thailand

Plan better to have a memorable and hassle free wedding. Here are few tips to help you plan your wedding in a better way. And let all the preceding go uninterrupted. Also, make your Destination Wedding a fun Event with these 6 Ideas To Make Destination Wedding A Great Fun Event

Check all the legalities.

Destination Wedding

Different countries have different marriage laws. First of all, you need to get a Letter of No Impediment to Marriage. This letter can be issued from your embassy in that country. Being religious countries you have to get wedded as per your religious rituals.

Consider The Climate

Destination Wedding
Heavy rains and extreme temperatures can destroy all your wedding plans. So avoid the heavy rains or the extreme climates. Best time to get married in these countries is from May to August.

Avoid The Peak Tourists Months

Destination Wedding

Both Bali and Thailand are tourists destinations. There are certain months that are unusually busy. Avoid such busy months of the year. During these timings, you might not be able to get hold of the best deals and the best venues. The busy months won’t let you enjoy properly because of the populated places all over.

Legal Documents Are Very Important

Destination Wedding

Make a checklist of all the important legal documents before planning. Be ready with passport, booking slips, visa etc. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of these.Currency exchange is even an important thing to do. Apply for Visa well in advance so that there are no issues later on.

Special Tips For All The Pretty Women

Destination Wedding

Both Thailand and Bali are coastal region. The first thing you think of when being in the sun is SPF and while it is so important to protect your skin the unfortunate consequence of a high SPF and photography is the flashback that it can cause. So girls get prepared with your sunscreen and umbrellas. Also, make sure that you have packed your swimsuits and most trendy cocktail dress along with some floaters. Don’t forget your shades darling.

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