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How to Plan Your Perfect Destination Wedding in Goa?

Are you looking at Goa as a location for your upcoming wedding?Do you want your guests to witness your  dream destination wedding in Goa then without thinking much finalise it to start preparing for it as it will be a treat for everyone.

Set your dates and vibes for the beach wedding this season!!

Goa has been on the top in case of destination weddings but one needs to plan in advance before to make things smooth and easy on the wedding day as in case of  a destination wedding the pressure is a little more than the usual wedding.

So to plan your destination wedding in Goa, these pointers will help you in getting on the track at the right time.

Date and Month of the wedding

The first thing that should cross your mind is the deciding the date and month of the wedding because the best time to get married in Goa is undoubtedly October to April. So deciding on a date early is as essential as that designer piece on your mind.Beach weddings looks perfect with the perfect weather, remember that.

Wedding in Goa
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Goa all in all is a great place, be it to relax on the beaches, enjoying the scenic beauty or the surreal views among many but Goa can be divided in two ways that is North Goa and South Goa whereas North Goa is more popular for luxury hotels and resorts and South Goa has a lot of options in five stars hotels and resorts.And considering what kind of wedding you want with the number of guests in mind, you can take your pick as both hotels and resorts would have the option of indoor as well as outdoor functions for wedding. Depending on the number of guests, you can look for the destination wedding venues in Goa.

Destination wedding venues in Goa

Hiring a wedding planner

If you have in mind the perfect wedding scenario then going for a wedding planner for a destination wedding would be a wiser as they being the professionals can make just not things easy but could the best of arrangements for your day as they will be aware of the best vendors and suppliers as well as locations according to your budget and preferred time for the D-day. Do look out for the ones who have already planned weddings in Goa before as the experience always counts.

Wedding planner

Cost of destination wedding in Goa

Weddings take not just time and preparations but a lot money too, so before deciding on a destination wedding, do consider making a budget to avoid unwanted expenses.The cost and budget of the wedding depends on what kind of wedding you are looking for, like are you looking for low key wedding or a luxury wedding or something of both. Be clear before you start looking for venues and the capacity for people they can hold for your wedding. Goa’s destination wedding budget can go as up as you want it to be as Goa has some of the most luxurious hotels and resorts for your destination wedding.

Cost of destination wedding

Look into details

Before finalising the deals yourself or through your wedding planner, do look out or check yourself the place, venue, the kind of preparations they have done in weddings before and what are the reviews of the people as this could help you give an idea at what you are putting your money at. Also if you are a bride to be and want a particular makeup artist for yourself, make sure to book the makeup artist in advance and not regret later.

Wedding planning

The pre and post party spot

Since Goa is all known for its chill out vibes and night party hub, through your wedding you could actually use this as a plus for your impending bachelorette or a group party before the wedding and also a much needed break after all the wedding functions as Goa holds some of the great spas and honeymoon suites too.

Destination wedding in Goa


In case of destination weddings its always better to send the invitations or inform the relatives and friends much in advance so they could get the time to makeup their schedule and do the preparations in advance.

Invitations for Goa wedding

And don’t forget to buy the air tickets in advance, it saves a lot.


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