Ritz Gurgaon Wedding with a Killing Dance number by Mom-Daughter Duo

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A Radiant Ritz Gurgaon Wedding with a Killing Dance number by Mother-Daughter Duo

Much like the Big Fat Punjabi wedding that we have witnessed in numerous Bollywood movies, Gargi & Saurabh’s Ritz Gurgaon Wedding was no less than a blast! From a full-on Bollywood style pre-wedding at The Picture Villa Delhi to dancing bridal entry and heartfelt bride’s performance with her mother, this Ritz Gurgaon Wedding had countless ‘wow’ moments. Hosted in two of the best luxury wedding venues in Delhi- Udman Hotel and Ritz by Ferns N Petals, this lovely couple’s mesmerizing wedding clicks will surely take your breath away.

Bride Gargi & Her Mother’s Rocking Dance Performance at the Grand Ritz Gurgaon Wedding (Vide Courtesy: Prem Studio)

So, scroll down and witness the most memorable days of Gargi & Saurabh’s lives. Thereafter, don’t forget to give a read to The Ritz Gurgaon & Udman Hotel Delhi reviews given by our beautiful Punjabi bride!

How Saurabh Met Gargi

Adorable Portrait of Gargi & Saurabh captured before their Ritz Gurgaon Wedding

Saurabh & Gargi’s love story is definitely a quirky tale full of twists and turns which will leave you smiling and awing at this adorable couple. What may have once started as an arranged set-up and initial rejection by Gargi spurred into something much more when she received Saurabh’s friend request on Facebook. Being a mischievous and curious soul, Gargi accepted, only to be greeted by ‘Do I know you?’. And thereon, it was the start of an amazing relationship that flourished further leading to Ritz Gurgaon Wedding when Saurabh went down on a knee to propose Gargi with white flowers (symbolizing ‘peace’ for their initial beginning!).

An Upbeat Cocktail with Ring Exchange on Bollywood Dance Number ‘Mujse Shaadi Karogi’

Gargi & Saurabh cute candid couple portrait at their cocktail ceremony with Gargi in a silver Indo western outfit & Saurabh in a tuxedo
Candid Picture of Saurabh and Gargi from their Cocktail entry to Udman Hotel Delhi
Classy Cocktail Outfits for Gargi & Saurabh's Cocktail Function before Ritz Gurgaon Wedding
Cute Photoshoot Session with bridesmaid at Ritz Gurgaon Wedding Cocktail
Energetic Bride dancing her heart out at her Cocktail Gala at Hotel Udman Delhi
Candid shot of bride Gargi dancing with her bridesmaids at her cocktail ceremony
Beautiful Cocktail Backdrop at Gargi & Saurabh's Glam Cocktail Gala at Udman Hotel Delhi
Saurabh & Gargi Post Cocktail Photography at one of the luxury wedding venues in Delhi
Bride Gargi posing with her bridesmaids on the cocktail ceremony of her Ritz Gurgaon Wedding
Wedding Couple Portrait Photography for this Big fat Punjabi Wedding's Cocktail Party at Udman Hotel Delhi

A Vibrant Mehendi Function

Gargi & Saurabh posing for a picture in the mehendi ceremony of their Ritz Gurgaon Wedding
Gargi looking stunning in her gorgeous yellow Aditi Gupta lehenga for her Ritz Gurgaon Wedding's Mehendi Function
Cute Wedding Couple Portrait captured from the Mehendi party of this grand Ritz Gurgaon Wedding
Candid Portraits from Gargi & Saurabh's Mehendi before the big fat Punjabi Wedding
Get Quirky Wedding Couple Pose Ideas from this beautiful Ritz Gurgaon Wedding
Fun Portraits of Gargi & Saurabh captured from their Ritz Gurgaon Wedding's Mehendi Ceremony
Bridal Solo Dance Performance at Mehendi Ceremony
Rocking Mehendi Performance by our bride before her big day at one of the luxury wedding venues in Delhi
Mehendi Ceremony Family Stills of Gargi & Saurabh with their family

All Simple but Aesthetic Haldi Function

Indian Haldi Ceremony Fun Bridal Portraits
Gargi's Cute Haldi Pictures with Friend captured before Ritz Gurgaon Wedding
Kaleera Ceremony Portraits of Gargi with her friends captured at this Big Fat Punjabi Wedding
Haldi Floral Backdrop Decor at this Haldi Party of Ritz Gurgaon Wedding
Ritz Gurgaon Wedding Kaleera Ritual Stills of Gargi with her bridesmaids
Energetic Bride playing Dhol to liven up her Haldi Function
Fun at Haldi Ceremony of this Indian Luxury Wedding in Delhi
Unique Haldi with groom's family in Pagdis
Groom Side Haldi Dancing Candids captured at this Ritz Gurgaon Wedding

A High-spirited Jaggoo Night

Stunning Bride Gargi at her Punjabi Jaggo Night before her luxury wedding at Ritz by Ferns N Petals
Gargi looking gorgeous in her unique corset and top for her Big fat Punjabi wedding's Jaggo Night

The Stunning Ritz Gurgaon Wedding

Candid Varmala Ceremony Portrait of Gargi & Saurabh from their grand Ritz Gurgaon Wedding in Delhi
Gargi's Close Up Image captured at hotel ritz gurgaon
Beautiful Bride Gargi adorned in unique bridal jewellery set by Ra Abta by Rahul for her Ritz Gurgaon Wedding
Unique Indian Bridal Outfit for Gargi consisting of Red Bridal Lehnega with beautiful pink dupatta pinned in the back
Candid Wedding Stills of Gargi and Saurabh from their big day at one of the biggest luxury wedding venues in Delhi
Ritz Gurgaon Wedding candid portraits captured with stunning floral stage backdrop
Stunning portrait of Gargi in a beautiful red bridal lehenga from Ankarkali for her Ritz Gurgaon Wedding
Mesmerising Bridal Makeup of our Indian Bride Gargi for her luxury wedding at Ritz by Ferns N Petals
Aesthetic Bridal Portraits from the photo gallery of Gargi & Saurabh's Luxury Wedding in Delhi
Fun portraits of Saurabh with friends captured at his Punjabi Wedding held at Hotel Ritz Gurgaon
Post Wedding Photography of Gargi & Saurabh in their lovely wedding wears at Ritz by Ferns N Petals

The Wedding Creators

  • Venue: Udman, Gurgaon (Cocktail), Ritz, Golf drive (Wedding)
  • Bridal Outfits: Diva Rose by Simran Aggarwal (Cocktail), Aditi Gupta (Mehendi), AUM by Ashima and Asit (Jaggoo night),  Anarkali (Wedding)
  • Wedding Photographer: Prem Studio
  • Groom Outfits: Amaare (Cocktail & Mehendi), Diwan Saheb (Wedding)
  • Bridal Makeup Artists: Jazz Wahan (Cocktail), Jazz Kooner (Mehendi), Mehul Bodh (Wedding)
  • Bridal Jewelry: Ra Abta by Rahul
  • Mehendi Artist: Raju Mehendi Artist
  • Wedding Invites: Kiaora Graphics
  • Choreographer: Quick Moves
  • Wedding Planner: Blush decor

Praise the Vendors ft Bride

Venue: It was like a dream venue! Ritz is by far the best and the most pretty venue in Delhi! I rate them 5/5.

Bridal Outfits: My Mehendi outfit by Aditi Gupta was very vibrant! That designer really has got some amazing collection to check on! Also, my Jaggoo night outfit was very different(which was self-thought by me!)

Wedding Photographer: They were very patient with a finicky Bride like me!🙈 So in total, they did a good job! Moreover, my pre-wedding shoot was so amazing that I can still watch it a thousand times! It was in full Bollywood style & is definitely worth watching. I give them 4/5.

Wedding Planner: Blush decor planned my whole wedding and they’ve done a great job! I rate them 5/5. 

Bridal Makeup Artists: All of them were amazing! But my Mehendi makeup was done by Jazz Kooner, and he did a fantastic job!


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