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Why To Do A Destination Wedding In Phuket?


A Destination wedding is the current hassle free go-to trend for couples in-love who are looking forward to the most important day of their lives. It practically opens the opportunity for the couple to choose from any place all over the map to get hitched in. Destination weddings are not just a simple event but a full fledged vacation where the family can spend a relaxing time together amidst beautiful scenarios.

Here are reasons why you should do a destination wedding in Phuket.

1. Phuket- The ultimate romantic tropical oasis

wedding in Phuket
romantic wedding in phuket

Destination wedding in Phuket, the premier tourist destination, is hosted in every kind of ceremonies one can want.

Phuket has beautiful beaches for carnivalesque beach weddings. The Phuket wedding plans include pre-wedding DJ and pool parties. Photo shoots are arranged specially for the bride and groom on the wedding day for Phuket beach wedding.

There are innumerable exotic and romantic beachfront resorts for destination wedding in Phuket with eye catching, pocket friendly package prices that cover a major part of planning to take the hassle of the bride, groom and their families.

2. Choice of hotels

destination wedding phuket

Unlike other cities, Phuket has open, much bigger beaches and venues which are more rectangular thus are able to hold more people and even looks more beautiful with larger beach fronts. A number of wedding resorts are available to choose from.

Hilton, Le meridian, Dusit Thani, J.W. Marriot, Khaolak, Angsana Laguna, Merlin Beach Resort, Katathani, Raddison, Centara grand beach resort, The Surin and Laguna hotels are among popular ones people choose for destination wedding in Phuket.

The couple or family can even come a few days before and stay on a few days after the destination wedding is over to spend holidays in this well equipped tourist place famous for its excursions and discotheque nightlife.

3. Smooth Connectivity

beach wedding in phuket
phuket wedding

Phuket might seem far, but reaching there now has become easier than ever. Direct flights are available for tourists to reach Phuket from India without having to make a stop in between. Go-Air’s direct flights have now made it easier to reach Phuket from India at impeccable connectivity and frequent flights with online discounts on tickets as well.

The tickets are reasonably priced between 8k-14k approx with flexibility of availing Indian cuisine as subject to season on the flight. As per the Interior Ministerial Announcements, there is provision for application of Visa on Arrival for the purpose of tourism stay up to 15 days which makes the availability of a Visa hassle free.

4. Perfect Weather

signature wedding phuket
signature wedding

The tropical weather of Phuket with its sunny and clear skies with clouds floating like cotton, makes it an ideal weather for destination wedding which is neither too hot nor too cold. The bride can deck up all she wants and so can the groom without having to bother about sweating too much or without worrying about winter clothing to ruin their main attire.

The year round warm, beachy climate provides for a picture perfect exotic climate for a destination wedding. The most ideal weather in which to plan a destination wedding in Phuket is between November and March. April to October too has a pleasant, hot tropical climate, making Phuket a couple’s perfect destination catch!

5.Budget friendly

intimate wedding phuket
intimate wedding phuket

Phuket wedding is quite budget friendly compared to other destination wedding locations. The intimate weddings on the other hand, are perfect for a close knit group looking for affordable package deals with wedding planners in Phuket to make an unforgettable experience.

The intimate couple’s elopement on the other hand is a secluded ceremony for only the couple to get married in destinations that can vary from waterfalls to forests and beaches. It is an intimate ceremony where it is all about the couple spending their most beautiful time in the most romantic wedding getaway of Phuket.

6. Affinity to indian culture

phuket wedding

Phuket is home to tonnes of destination weddings from all over the globe which is why it is a very culturally hospitable huge town. Ranging from Christian to Buddhist to Thai to Indian, it has provisions and planners for all kinds of ceremonies.

Extravagant, opulent, gastronomic, vibrant are the few terms to describe the big fat Indian wedding. With increasing number of couples looking for destination weddings in Phuket, it has now become familiar with Indian weddings and is suitable for all kinds of traditional ceremonies which makes people feel at home despite being at a destination wedding making for the perfect fusion.

Being a big town it has its own independent ecosystem with everything on the go which makes the planning and arrangement very easy. There are wedding vendors readily available who take care of the whole customized destination wedding plans. 

7. Variety of Wedding Packages

wedding packages in phuket
wedding packages in phuket

Wedding packages at villas start from around 30,000 THB and beach weddings from 5-10000 THB but it is best to contact the wedding planners directly and know a detailed plan beforehand. There are several wedding planning websites like wedabout.

The wedding planner plans out everything from the welcome drink to the floral setup to photography and wedding certificate so that couples and families can enjoy a relaxed and memorable wedding ceremony to cherish for years to come.

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