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5 Traits of an Adventurous Urban Bride: WedAbout

A run-of-the-mill Indian bride of the back 90’s is pictured as a shy and reticent girly-girl with her eyes cast down and blushing to the core of her heart. But the wheel of time has changed it all! Our urban bride of today’s century has broken all the conventional norms of a classic Indian bride and shown us an adventure filled side of hers. Be it the way she dresses or the style with which she carries herself, she does it all with a carefree adventure-loving attitude.

WedAbout tells you all the traits reflected by an escapade loving an urban bride who voyages the journey of her marriage too in an amusing manner. Check them out and see if you’re one!

1. Vows Taken… Unconventionally

vows urban bride

Photo credit@DotDuskStudios

She doesn’t like things set straightforward for her. Wedding vows taken in a conventional manner is not her cup of tea. Being an adventurous soul, she would prefer to take her wedding vows flying up in the sky or deep in the water in a peppy manner.

2. Offbeat Entry

urban bride

Photo credit@WhiteFrogProductions

The world knows when she arrives.  A venturesome entry on a sports bike or an off-center entry in a rickshaw, she prefers. An adventurous urban bride lets the adrenaline rush drive her. She is less cautious and does what contents her action-loving heart to the fullest.

3. Dressed To Kill

dressed to kill urban bride

Photo credit@TaniaSethPhotography

You cannot ignore the way she slays with her dressing. Whatever she wears, she accessorizes with her confidence and poise. She possesses an assertive personality. She may not fear to ball out the customary reds and maroons for her wedding. And admit it or not but she does it to perfection!

4. Twisted Traditions

twisted urban bride

Photo credit@WhiteFrogProductions

An adventurous urban bride bends ways for a fulfilled life. She believes in living each moment to the fullest. Her wedding ceremonies and traditions are not meant to be done in an accustomed manner. A “tadka” of twist in them proliferates fun for her.

5. The Banno’s Swag

swagfinal urban bride

Photo credit@WhiteFrogProductions

The adventuresome urban bride is an ideal blend of elegance and funk. She mends her own ways, in her own style. Filled with valiance and dauntlessness she has her feet deeply grounded in her traditions and culture. She flies high spirited while remaining rooted in her origins. She is vibrant, full of life and never fails to take up the challenges (come what may!).

Now when you know all her traits, tag an adventurous urban bride you know in the comments section below.

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