Things you should know about Phuket connectivity to India

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Things you should know about Phuket connectivity to India

Does white sands, palm trees, lively towns and sparkly seas sounds a great idea for you. Then Phuket is your place to be this holiday season with family or friends.

Or if you are someone who has been looking for a destination wedding, then consider Phuket as your dream wedding venue with surreal beaches and end number of hotels and resorts to choose from.

Phuket would just not provide you for your destination wedding location but many more reasons to expand your stay in this beautiful city of Thailand. It is quickly emerging as most favorable destination for Indian residents due to its direct India to Phuket flight and many more reasons.

We give you the must visit reasons to mark off Phuket from your bucket list and take a tour to this city as soon as possible.

Connectivity to India


Being the closest international destination to India is a plus in itself. A number of flights operate from India to Thailand from different cities but more are from cities namely Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. The travelling time is also short as from 4-5 hours on a non-stop flight.

You can book early to save money on air tickets and also there is an option of non-stop as well as connecting flights with stay in different cities, choice is yours to make. Airlines like GoAir, Indigo and other Thai airlines and Singapore airlines also operate from India to Phuket.

GoAir has started two direct flights weekly from Delhi and three direct flights from Mumbai and Bengaluru enhancing its operations for connectivity with Phuket.

The direct India to Phuket flghts were started around 2013 from Mumbai and Delhi as Phuket emerged as Thailand’s top spot for holidays and destination weddings as well.

Airport diaries?


Phuket has one international airport that is Phuket International Airport, it is one of the busiest airports catering to a number of airlines. One can hire a cab after exiting the airport to their destination easily after the arrival in the country.

Choosing a hotel or venue near airport is another plus since there are numerous options near the airport. If you are visiting Phuket to explore and travel, there are end number of reasonable options in hotels and resorts from Phuket Airport Hotel to Dewa Phuket to high end Phuket Marriot Resort, you have choice to get spoil.

Cost and Travel


The cost of the travelling to Phuket starts from 50K and can go up depending on how and where you would like to stay and the number of days and nights you would be staying. A lot of hotels and resorts offer package deals specially during the peak seasons and if you book in advance, you may grab a good deal and rate.

Also to travel in the city of Phuket, one can take a tuk tuk for short distances, also cabs and buses to longer distances as they would be convenient to travel. One can rent a motorbike to explore the city solely.

Currency rate

destination wedding in phuket

Every single time we decide on visiting an international country, the thing that crosses our mind is the currency rate of that country. The Thai currency (baht) to Indian currency will not pick a hole in your pocket as the rate is reasonably less than other international destinations. So there is definitely reasons to give a thumps up to Phuket and consider it for your wedding location. One baht is equal to Indian 2.28 to 3 rupees.

Comparatively it is much cheaper than any other international destination making it more preferred destination this holiday season.


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