Why Do You Need a Wedding Planner For an Indian Wedding?

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Why Do You Need a Wedding Planner For an Indian Wedding?

Getting married soon? Have thought about so many things but confused about how to go about it?

Yes this is where a need for wedding planner arises. Wedding as well all know is the one of the most important day of life and if an Indian wedding, the work just gets bigger as Indian weddings are just not about one day thing but a series of functions and celebrations for which a number of people come together for your D day.

Well then one must think of hiring a wedding planner just to take care of every little thing on your wedding and making it a day to remember with everything falling smoothly into the place because they will be your investment for making a memory of a lifetime.

Not just their work will speak in your wedding ceremonies but their creations and efforts will add another level to your wedding day and other functions respectively.

There are plenty of reasons why you might need one by just looking at the pointers below.

Coordinate with vendors

wedding vendors

The main reason for you to hire a wedding planner is that they deal with a lot of vendors on everyday basis and have a plethora of options to give you in choosing the best for your big day. From all kind of venues or locations to decors to food cuisines to wedding designers, they have options that you would not be able to resist.

Give suggestions and recommendations

wedding planner

Since wedding planners specialize in the field of wedding with experience in arranging all kinds of wedding, they are someone you can ask for any kind of advice or suggestions. You cannot rely only on the advice and suggestions that you receive from your relatives and closed ones.

Be it a wedding photographer you would want to hire or a makeup artist that you would want for the day, basically they got a suggestion for everything and anything that you have in your mind for and before the wedding day.

Handle tricky guests


Its not easy job when it comes to family togethers and with a wedding coming up, all kinds of relatives show up with different tastes and needs that you need to look over, so when you hire a wedding planner, they look out for all your wedding requirements from taking care of guest lists to taking care of the guests.

Also if you have invited or are looking forward to some VIP guests on the wedding, it would be best to make sure wedding planner takes care of their presence and taking care of their needs since family members are generally busy in other things all the time unable to attend each and every guest.

Supervision from scratch to end

wedding planning ideas

Due to the ongoing series of functions and celebrations, you just cannot take care and supervise everything on your own from food to decor to taking care of guests there is a reason why wedding planners are blessing in disguise.

Since its your wedding and you want everything to be basically perfect, well this could happen with a help of wedding planner as it is their job to look into each and every minute detail to give you a dream wedding.

Because of huge gatherings and a number of ceremonies in Indian weddings, one cannot handle the stress all alone and make choices or decisions with a free mind, there is when the need of wedding planner arises.

Ideas and innovations

wedding ideas

Due to the experience and handling events, wedding planners experiment and think out of box according to each and every wedding to give it a lifetime memory. There ideas and thoughts about turning your day into an unforgettable are something to look forward to and with your choices and needs, it becomes a wedding you wanted for yourself.

Be it different kind of theme for your pre wedding ceremony or an exotic pre wedding shoot or a bachelorette or the special performances that you want them to arrange, your dreams are their work.

They work on a budget

wedding budget

We all have been into a situation where we loose track of all the money and often spend more than decided.

Yes unlike a lot of people who generally cannot keep a track on the budget or total spending, wedding planners prefer to work under a given budget and make things smooth for you on the financial front and give you the details before hand about the cost of different decor, food and other wedding arrangements that come under their work.

Also some of the wedding planners give you different packages suitable according to your finances and needs, so you have a choice in this too.

Time Management

time management

If you are someone who is getting married soon and does not have much time to arrange and everything done then wedding planner is what should definitely cross your mind as they will have all the details and supervision you will need in that time.

Planning a perfect dream wedding in a short time span without a wedding can be a risky plan, so why to take the rocky way when you have a plethora of experienced and detail oriented people to make your wedding a gala affair without your constant headache.

Follows a theme

wedding theme

The best part about getting a wedding planner is that they follow a theme and everything is done accordingly within that theme for your wedding. Choosing and setting a wedding theme is a trend which seems to follow in every function with specific colors and decor as well vibes under that theme which usually cannot happen if you are planning on your own.

From a vintage theme to any color theme or any dress code theme, the wedding planner will be there to cover all your wedding dreams.

Wedding planning checklist

We all need that person who we can share our thoughts and preferences for the kind of wedding we want for ourselves. A relative or a friend cannot fulfil that person and work on it but a wedding planner can as it is their job to listen what you want and how you want it. They are the ones who are going to execute your ideas into reality.

They are someone with whom you will be keeping up to date with your wedding planning checklist and listen to you carefully for your ideas and how it could be achieved in the time span.

Arrange any kind of wedding

deepika-ranveer wedding

Wedding planners are best arranging for all kinds of marriages from a typical Hindu wedding to Bengali wedding to a south Indian wedding or even a Sikh wedding, so without thinking get yourself a wedding planner soon.

And some marriages are special when they are inter religion and you got to prepare for two kinds of marriage ceremonies to prepare, well without delay hire a wedding a wedding planner and you will thank us later.

Pre wedding discussion + customization

indian wedding planning checklist

While you marrying for love, wedding planners are working towards your dream wedding. Their main objective and focus lies in making your day the most desirable one not just for you and the family but anyone who is going to present there.

Wedding planners decide, plan and execute your wedding plans upon deciding and discussing with you about how you always wanted your wedding. Each and every detail about your wedding and other ceremonies will be taken care of keeping in mind your desired preferences and the kind of wedding you have in mind.

Destination wedding

destination wedding
destination wedding

Since a new culture of destination wedding is taking place in Indian wedding scenario, wedding planners will be your savior in that case because you would not to jump in unknown place for getting married with no idea of any wedding vendors in that place and specially about the best ones.

Wedding planners are the best thing you can get to arrange a dream destination wedding for you because they deal with all kinds of destination weddings and will cover all your doubts or inhibitions about destination weddings and also suggest you the best destinations for wedding.

Looking and planning from A to Z

wedding planners

Yes wedding planners literally look up for your dream say from each and every detail, from your mehendi to sangeet to the wedding day. They are their to make your day the best you will witness and they will do it best.

And every Indian wedding has no less than three to four back to back ceremonies before the big day, so the need to hire a wedding planner increases much more. They will be present at each and every step to take care of all your wedding woes.

Staying up to date on wedding trends & inspirations

indian wedding planner

Keeping up with new wedding inspirations and trends in the world of weddings is difficult but not impossible for the wedding planners, they are up to date with all the trends and changes that drive the market and the social media as well.

From a range of wedding colors and themes, to new wedding destinations, arranging pre wedding functions with a new touch can add a lot of entertainment and value to all your ceremonies.

Wedding preparations are all about tiny and updated details and who else knows the best than a wedding planner, they are there for all things that need to be done and looked upon.

Ease off your burden

wedding planning

Yes one thing the wedding planner help you with is the double burden that you carry, with wedding preparations to one’s wedding looks, guest lists to vendor arrangements, you cannot be present everywhere and anywhere. You will be wanted everywhere from trousseau shopping to dress fittings to salon sessions and many more. While you deal with this wedding planners are working towards your special day.

So why not take the help of a wedding planner to ease off the burden from your shoulders and put all your energy to yourself to prepare for the big day.

Entertainment factor

Indian wedding event planner

Indian weddings are no less than a gala affair that we all agree so to handle that kind of celebration and add the extra oomph factor to your ceremonies, you will need the help of a wedding planner who could take the responsibility for providing the best music to never ending performances by relatives and closed ones to some dance group performing as well as the most important performance that is groom and bride’s as they are the stars for the day.

Not the routine wedding

indian wedding planning

Trust me when I say this but weddings planned under a wedding planner will always have a unique touch and feel to the environment. Be it the customised décor or the menu or also the free mind of the family with which they enjoy each and every ceremony as all has been taken care by your wedding planner.

Never forget the social media wedding inspirations or even the celebrity weddings, all are the hard work of the wedding planners

Trust me you will not get this chance again.


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