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Why Destination Wedding in Bangkok a Great Option?

Take your wedding nuptials in Bangkok. And why not since Bangkok has emerged to be one of the most popular international destination wedding spot for Indian and international weddings and pre wedding functions as well.

If you are planning to have  a destination wedding, why not give Bangkok a chance. And it has been known for its vibrant culture, surreal beaches, nightlife and not to miss the shopping paradise it is.

If you are planning to have  a destination wedding, why not give Bangkok a chance.

Bangkok as a destination is not just an ordinary option of going international with your destination wedding but it brings a lot more perks as it is closest to India, saves a lot more money than any other international destination, has an exotic feel to it,  also it is the capital of Thailand offering you more places to explore than ever.

Well if this isn’t enough then take a look down and consider doing a destination wedding in Bangkok because we give you the reasons to plan so.

An array of culture.

culture of bangkok

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Bangkok as a capital of Thailand is known for its Thai culture, Thai food, an unending nightlife and the hospitality they offer. With your wedding you just don’t get a chance to live the most memorable day of your life but also a trip that will make you go down your memory lane forever.

Also, you could plan to marry in both ways that is your traditional way and the Thai traditional way of marriage to merge into the culture and experience the Thai culture fully. Thai weddings are mostly performed by monks and offers a more religious approach to the whole ceremony. Also you could go for wedding planners in Bangkok to do all the arrangements for you on the wedding day and escape the headache of planning a wedding in a different country all together.

The wedding planners will ease your way of organizing and planning a wedding as they are aware of some of the best vendors of the city as well as get you best deals and prices.

Thailand has been known for its hospitality and warmth that it offers its guests so one is in for an experience. Special Thai performances could add a touch of Thai culture in your wedding ceremonies also if you are willing to pay for it.

Weather at its best.

weather of bangkok

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Bangkok’s weather makes it the most visited destination as, throughout the year it is blissful to visit and witness the beauty it offers. With that kind of weather, you could arrange rooftop bar parties, infinite pool parties as well as beach parties before or after your wedding. The rainy season is mainly during the month of August and September.

Not just that one has a lot of options in case of indoor as well as outdoor weddings and you could manage to get the best of Bangkok in any kind of weather. Well Bangkok is going to provide you the best hospitality and views, be it any time of year.

Locations and venues are indefinite.

locations in bangkok

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Bangkok is home to some of the most amazing hotels and resorts that could serve as a witness to your wedding day. Many of them give you a beach view or in-house lavish gardens to host your wedding functions. Also if you want you could have an Indian cuisine for your wedding that could be arranged too as many venues have in house Indian chefs.

There are number of package deals offered with meals and drinks included for your wedding day and pre wedding ceremonies as well giving you a lot of prices and budgets to choose from.

There are a number of hotels and resorts that offer pickup from the airport and will be there till your stay. Also tourists in Bangkok mostly take or hire bike rides to see and move around the city, one of the best transportation modes. And some hotels give you discount on the overall bookings.

Every location in Bangkok in itself has something unique to offer, be it hospitality, cuisines, luxurious accommodations or the complimentary spa  for the bride and groom.

Budget friendly

budget of destination wedding in bangkok

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Yes getting married in Bangkok and the cost depends on where you plan to get married in Bangkok from a numerous resorts and hotels to the guest list to what kind of wedding you want, it can be as grand as you make it. Since budget is one thing to be considered as an international wedding but in case of Bangkok there seems to just a little less expensive as decor is less cheaper.

Also it is less expensive than any other international wedding destination you might choose as the currency rate of Thai baht to Indian rupee is suitable compared to other countries making it even more convenient to getting married in Bangkok with a number of guests depending on you.

Mostly the destination wedding in international countries is an intimate affair with the closest relatives and friends due to the budget. Everything mostly can be arranged for around 6k-15k depending on the needs.

The best night life

Wedding venues in bangkok

Yes, Bangkok is known for the nightlife which you cannot afford to miss. If you are planning to extend your stay or have time for your bachelorette or the family gatherings, why not explore the city in that time. If you have heard of Bangkok’s most famous lady shows that you just simply cannot miss it. The shows are house full and jam packed with glamour, entertainment with a touch of humour by the transvestites and transsexuals. The ticket costs you somewhere around 2K to 3k.

If you are someone who loves music and dance with special effects then do not forget to make your way Bangkok Siam Niramit show and the ticket for which will cost you around 3K to 5K but you will be mesmerized by the spectacular performances it has to offer.

If not a fan of this then one can choose to relax before the wedding at Bangkok’s sky bars or a dinner at the cruise on the Chao Phraya river with family and friends.

Nevertheless Bangkok can serve as a perfect host for your Bachelorette, with a endless number of places to party in and around the city.

Place for tourist destination.

explore destinations in bangkok

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Since there are so many options to explore in Bangkok that one falls short of time and one of the famous things be water tours and cruises as it not only gives you an experience but makes an unforgettable time with your family or a romantic dinner.

With choosing Bangkok as your wedding destination, you just don’t Bangkok alone but have an option of abundance of areas to witness the whole of Thailand.

One cannot miss Bangkok’s skyline views from either Wat Saket, Wat Arun or The Sky Bar at Lebua as it shows the city’s breath-taking beauty with green spaces, a large river and array of buildings.

The currency factor

shopping in bangkok


Whenever we think of a international destination, the one think that crosses our mind is the currency rate which is very reasonable as compared to other international destinations. So another reason to make a destination dream wedding into a reality.

Shop till you drop.

destination wedding venues in bangkok

Bangkok is known as shopping paradise with indefinite options and markets to shop from. Whether it is floating markets or night markets you are in for a treat. And  a little shopping before or after wedding does no harm.

If you are looking to shop in a mall, there are options like MBK to Central world or the Emporium and if markets are your thing, do not forget to visit Chatuchak night market. There is a also options to visit floating markets to Siam square and other unending options to shop if you have the time and energy before your wedding.

Well a lot of clothes in India are imported from Bangkok and sold at different markets in India at a very high rate. So why not take this opportunity to shop in the shopping paradise yourself.

Honeymoon calling…!!

honeymoon in bangkok

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Why to return just after wedding since wedding is a big affair involving families of both sides it becomes hard to spend quality time together. And since honeymoon is the next big step after the wedding, stay a little while and explore islands like Koh Samui, Koh Taen, Koh Tao and many more in Bangkok.

Also you can visit other favorite cities of Thailand like Pattaya, Phuket and many others while you enjoy your honeymoon.

A destination wedding might cost you a lot more than the usual wedding but the advantages are much higher specially in a city like Bangkok which has a lot more to explore as well as home to some of the best islands, markets, hotels, etc. So one is sure in for an experience to share with.

Thailand is just not a favourable international destinations out of all but also surely gives an immensely enjoyable and memorable trip for the lifetime.

Cultural center of Thailand

wedding venues in bangkok

Bangkok as a destination wedding spot will not just serve the purpose of the wedding but a wedding with a lot of offerings and fulfilment to the core. Not just you do a destination wedding for the concept or following any trend but it gives you more than that which one might not feel getting married in your home city.

A destination is an out of box idea with lots of innovations and personal touches one can add to his/her wedding with a kind of venue to the kind of décor and the entire setup. A whole new country offers a gate that opens a numerous level of opportunities and ways to celebrate your D-day.

Bangkok being most favourable and feasible international destination spot for Indian weddings gives you the most diverse and unique ways to celebrate your pre as well post wedding ceremonies with a lot of enthusiasm and city’s own exotic vibes with a range of resorts, luxurious hotels and surreal beaches.

Bangkok is just not a most preferred international wedding destinations out of all but also surely gives an immensely enjoyable and memorable trip for the lifetime.

Visa on arrival

bangkok airlines

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It is easiest to acquire visa for Thailand. You could even get a Visa on arrival with your passport, return tickets and hotel confirmation. There are number of flights to Thailand with a number of airlines.

It is easy to get marriage registered in Thailand with legal documents from both the parties than, in any other international destination. The marriage certificate will be in Thai language so one needs to translate it.

Also, Bangkok is the nearest International destination from India and also the cheapest one compared to other international countries. And, the airlines operate on daily basis from different cities in India. Also, you can get good discounts on the tickets if you book early.

The per head cost of each guest is lesser than in any other country. For some of the guests who will be coming to attend your destination wedding, it would be double beneficial for them. As, they will be attending your wedding and can also explore the city. They will thank you forever for this, believe me!!


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