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Wedding Fitness Plan & Wellness Tips For Every Bride.

Want to achieve that perfectly fit body and that irresistible glow on your face before you take your nuptials.

Not just pre wedding functions and photoshoot are essential but your wedding fitness plan should be on your to do things to achieve before wedding. Since its your wedding and you are going to look the most gorgeous bride ever so why not work a little towards it.

If you want to achieve a few fitness goals before your wedding day then here are the simple fitness and wellness tips for you.

First things first

bridal skin care
bridal skin care
wedding fitness plan
bridal look

The things that should cross your mind first in your pre wedding goals is to prioritize and schedule everything that you want to keep a tab on. Be it your pre bridal look at the salon or that bridal fitness goals to achieve that fit and toned look before you take on your wedding outfit.H

Regular clean ups & facials

bridal facial
facial treatment

Start by drinking lots and lots of water, yes that being set and done, you would want to book your regular clean ups and facials at your pre bridal salon to work towards that perfectly smooth skin.

Drink less coffee and tea or even aerated drinks as you can because with caffeine your skin and body would not be replenish the rich and nutritious food you will consume.

Eating all things colorful

wedding diet and exercise
wedding diet

As a rule of thumb and a famous saying, what you is what you become. Include as many nutritious vegetables and exotic fruits in your diet and flush out those toxins out of your system and see the magic do its work with consistency obviously.

Try and include more and more Vitamin C enriched fruits in your diet as they increase your immunity but also help in achieving that dewy and glowing skin.

Put the glass down

wedding fitness

Before you start preparing for the fitness regime, make sure to avoid alcohol and smoke as rules can work when followed in perfection and regularity. Drinking alcohol and caffeine can do worst for your skin and body more than you can imagine and also dehydrates your body and skin.

Don’t forget to add green tea into your daily diet plan.

Goodbye to Sugar and Spice

bridal fitness and wellness tips
bridal fitness

Since most of us are either sugar or spice lovers, saying goodbyes can be hard. But when we want something, we ought to learn to give up on few things for the unbelievable results that await us.

Keeping a balanced diet adds a symmetry to overall body balance. Also stay away from junk food and other preservative foods for a consistent time.

Catch more breaths than ever

wedding diet and exercise
Source: strength-flexibility-balance

Since diet work on sideways, the one thing that can give us instant results is the regular exercise, gym or yoga whichever is one’s preference in life and to the body. Choosing brisk walking or regular cardio exercises for even 30 minutes can make a huge difference in your regime.

If you are someone going for gym and toning exercises, make sure to tell your instructor what you want to achieve, and make sure you loose fat and not muscle or your body could end up looking weak than healthy.

Put that makeup down girl!!

bridal facial
skin care

One thing that nobody tells us is using less and less makeup before wedding not because to look more beautiful for the wedding day but to give breathe and clarity to skin as regular makeup can block your pores and gives less time to skin to breathe and makes skin mature and tiring.

Pro Tip
Never ever go to bed without removing your makeup.

Stock up your Protein

wedding fitness plan
source: wedding nutritionist

Since you would be working out and also working towards other wedding functions, your body would need sufficient amount of protein to keep it going.

The Beauty Sleep

wedding fitness plan
source: hellobody

The rule to charged body and skin lies in the early to bed and early to rise rule. Yes insufficient sleeps makes you dull and even more hungry in the day resulting in over munching and over eating which you cannot afford to take chance upon, so sleeping is as important as other things at least for good 8 hours a day.

Balancing the meals

wedding weight loss plan
balanced diet

Meals if eaten in proportion would not make you healthier but also efficient in leveling up your energy and staying active all day. Try and eat every 2 hours in your diet plan including lots of nuts,vegetables like broccoli or other green leafy veggies and eggs.

Since breakfast has said to be the most important meal of the day, so include more fiber and proteins in your breakfast. Also maintain your metabolic rate at all levels and consuming less salt in your meals.

Since we end up stressing for lot of things before wedding and for that not to show on our body and skin, try and going for breathing or meditation sessions to increase oxygen levels in the skin and body.


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