The evolution in bridal makeup trends every bride should know

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The Evolution In Bridal Makeup Trends Every Bride Should Know

Becoming a bride is a dream come true for every bride. But the process of becoming a bride is as stressing as all other preparations.

From the bridal outfit to matching accessories to the perfect bridal makeup, yes the bridal makeup which has just not evolved but changed tremendously with new bridal looks make their way to different social media platforms.

Before you decide your bridal makeup with your makeup artist, make sure you are aware of the new trends in the bridal looks which can change the entire look to new level.

Indian bridal makeup have changed and evolved drastically over the years, and you will surely like the change.

Makeup trends have changed significantly throughout the years. So, here is the list of evolution of makeup trends you must know.

Contour all the way

bridal look
contour look

The trend that makeup artists have swear by for the last two years is definitely the art of contouring. Contouring your cheeks and to other parts of the face that need the chiselled look with a definition to your facial features.

Be it day makeup or night makeup, contouring is as important as blush on the cheeks.

Pro Tip
Even if you are someone, who is blessed with high defined facial features then also go for light contouring to bring more highlight to those features.

Go makeup free or The No Makeup look

indian bridal makeup
no makeup look
bridal makeup look
makeup free look

Gone are the days when a bride needed a heavy makeup with dark eyes and lips to look her best.

Now with the changing trends and makeup, going for a no makeup look with light or glossy lips, subtle eye makeup and rosy cheeks, you are set for the day.

Eyes taking the center stage

eye makeup look
eye makeup look

Since, the ever changing bridal looks, one thing that changed the most is the eye makeup. From golden or bright eye shadows to smokey bold eye makeup.

Yes, smokey eyes is the new eye makeup trend in bridal makeup with soft and light lip colors.

Retro red lips

retro red lips
retro red lips

The one thing that was hit before and hit today too in the Indian bridal look is the red lips. Red lipstick can be rocked by any bride but by keeping whole face makeup soft and subtle.

The red lip color can never go wrong on your wedding, it was and will always be a bride’s favorite.

Highlighter, the new glow game

trends in bridal look
blushed cheeks

Pink and orange blushed cheeks are not as trendy as it used to be, the highlighter glow on your cheeks is what now will do the talking.

Highlighter not just adds the perfect glow to your cheeks but also the temples as well as on the cupid bow of lips.

Eyebrows do the talking

trends in bridal makeup

What you absolutely cannot afford to miss is your eyebrows. Unlike pencil brows, now eyebrows have a come long way to filled brows with eyebrow mascara to eyebrow gels and powder to tame and contour the highly defined eyebrows which instantly adds a dramatic change to the entire bridal makeup look.

The dewy skin

makeup look
smudged eyeliner

Fresh and dewy skin is not just hit in the makeup industry but also a bridal trend. Yes dewy and fresh skin makeup with airbrushed or HD makeup which gives a smooth and flawless finish as well as long lasting makeup.You will definitely need that perfect skin on your wedding day.

Eyelash Girl

indian bridal look
eyelash girl

Yes, the one most important thing you cannot afford to miss on your wedding day is the perfect pair of eyelashes that make your eyes do the talking as well as beautiful extension to your eye makeup.

Blurred wings

airbrush makeup
blurred wings

Yes, the one thing that will be up this bridal season is the blurred winged or smudged eyeliner look with shades of brown, black and grey with glossy lips to walk down the aisle to your most special day.

Pout done right!!

bridal look
pout face

The lip colour to rock your pout as a bride to be is definitely the colour family of plum, berry or dark maroon shades with a bold statement to own that day like a queen and high defined glittery smokey makeup to take your nuptials.

 Remember to go for French or fishtail braids and also half tied hair to add a fresh look to your makeup with flowers to complement the entire look.


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