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5 Traditional Favors With Wedding Cards

Weddings in India are enriched with varying customs. The diversified culture in the country witnesses an enormous number of traditions which are deeply enrooted. One such tradition followed is of the wedding favors with the wedding cards. With the changing time, wedding favors have taken a twisted turn but the traditional favors still hold a special place. WedAbout brings you some of the traditional wedding favors India has been following since ages.


1. Sweets and Dry Fruits

traditional favors


Weddings bring happiness and a reason to celebrate and sweets symbolize the same. Distributing sweets and dry fruits is like sharing bliss with your dear ones along with the wedding card. Sweets and dry fruits are richness hence inseparable part of the big fat Indian weddings. After all “muh meetha karo” had been one the favourite lines of Indians when it comes to announcing happy news!

2. Rose Water or Gulab Jal

traditional favors


Rose water adds flowery scented grandeur to your wedding invites at an affordable price and is easily available. The non-edible wedding favour can be packed in various styles and forms and themed with your wedding card.

3. Small Boxes


traditional favors


A bright coloured small multipurpose box is a thing of beauty. Every bit of these beautifully decorated boxes speaks of Indian-ness. They are available in wide choice of colours, sizes and shapes and are laced with beads and mirrors making them exquisitely attractive. Mishri and cardamom, which are considered to be very auspicious, can be filled in these boxes to add to the richness.

4. Lucky Elephant

traditional favors


Elephants in Indian tradition are always believed to bring good fortune and richness. Therefore giving a symbolic elephant in the form of a keychain, bookmark or even a candle holder as a wedding favor is sure to lift up your invitee’s faces. There is a wide range of designs and materials for you to choose from. They may be available in sandalwood (to add luxe to your wedding card), milky white marble and metal too.Photocredit@tambulya

5. Scented Candles

traditional favors


Available in a sweeping range of colours, type of perfume, shape and size, these are a perfect thing for your wedding favor. Scented candles are versatile enough to be decorated in any themed manner desired. They may be adorned with different colours, sparkles or glitters and if not then simple candles with dry rose petals slotted in a carefree pattern in them are good to go.

A traditional wedding favor is a thing forever. Reinvent these conventional wedding favours and it is sure to be thumbs up for your wedding. Do let us know your favourite wedding favor of the above in the comments section below.

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