6 Wedding Gifts A Groom Can Shower On His Bride

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6 Wedding Gifts a Groom can Shower on His Bride

Receiving gifts on your wedding day is always a pleasure. But how about you gift your bride a special wedding gift on your wedding day? Make the day more memorable and out of the ordinary for yourselves with this one gesture. Surprise your beautiful bride with effortful gift ideas that WedAbout brings to you and add the gleam of ecstasy to her smile.

1. Love Notes Or Scrapbook

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Love notes are a traditional yet most delightful way to express your feelings to your other half. Loaded with emotions and feelings, these tiny handwritten love messages are sure to build up more of understanding and trust amongst you two. You can also go for handmade or personalised scrapbook holding your pictorial memories and your love messages for her. Tell her 52 reasons of loving all of her by writing them on 52 cards and gift it to her.

2. Recorded Audio/Audio-Video Messages

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Nothing more personalised than gifting your own recorded voice / video message to her on your wedding day. Think of everything you feel about her and record it as a message (voice or video) and let her have the pleasure of listening to it whenever she feels like (techno version of love notes!).

3. Bouquet Of Pictures

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Let your feelings and the courtship journey be expressed pictorially. A picture encases in it plentiful of emotions and memories. Trust us! Your bride would love travelling down the memory lane. You can make a collage or create an album of the photos or go creative in your own way.

4. Funky Tees

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If you are a couple who likes to be crazy and fun together, then you can surely gift your beau this set of t shirt. Pick up her favourite colour (or yours!) and gift your bride the cherry picked graffitied tee which defines you and your bride the best.

5. Engraved Item

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Get your love for your mate engraved on pieces like a necklace, a keychain, a paperweight etc. You can get embedded on them the two of your initials (an old school but an evergreen thing to do), your wedding date and/ or a love message conveying whatever you feel for her.

6. Honeymoon Kit

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A wedding is religiously followed by a honeymoon to you and your spouse’s favourite honeymoon destination. Gift her something which any girl would dream of! Put in some efforts and cherry pick some toiletries, clothing, goodies and gears of her favourite brand which she can use for her honeymoon and you’re assured to see her awed!


Let your heart speak for you. Fetch your queen something which is close to her heart and which defines your love story in the perfect manner. Good luck!

Don’t forget to mention which of the gift ideas did you like the most in our comments section below.

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