4 “Must Have” Sweet Dishes on Your Wedding Menu

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4 “Must Have” Sweet Dishes on your Wedding Menu

People may not remember the designer lehenga you wore but all they remember for sure is the wedding food they had. We Indians religiously believe in “khaane k baad kkuch meetha ho jaaye” and therefore there is a unique place of desserts on our menus and more on our plates. WedAbout brings you the four “must have” sweet dishes for wedding menu.

Summer Specials: Beat the Heat

1. Badam Cassata

sweet dishes


This nut-full dessert is an instant relief to your guests if you are tying the knot during summers. The frozen dessert is made from full cream milk which is thickened by adding khoya. Chopped Almonds not only add to the dessert’s richness but also add flavor, texture and a crunchy punch to it. This creamy dessert is served chill.


2. Falooda

sweet dishes


This tempting dessert is a heavenly pleasure for ice-cream lovers. This pudding with layers of ice-cream and jellies is a colorful; summer delight. Falooda is versatile enough and can be made into variety of combinations as per one’s choice and taste. It can be made by mixing rose syrup, vermicelli and gelatin with milk or water.

Winter Delights

3. Apple Halwa

sweet dishes


Owing to the availability of its main ingredient i.e. apples, Apple Halwa is a seasonal dish. The dessert is lighter than other milk or cream based products and is still rich to serve which makes it more likeable on the heavy wedding menu. To amplify to its outward show and flavor chopped nuts, cardamom and silvers can be added to it.

4. Gajar Halwa

sweet dishes


Gajar ka Halwa for sure had to be on our “must have” list. The dessert needs no introduction. It is one of the most famous and loved sweet dish of India (esp. North India). It is made by cooking grated carrots with khoya and/or milk. It is then garnished with loads of nuts and dry fruits which may include cashew nuts, almonds, pistachios and raisins.

So go ahead and dish up your guests’ platters with these sweet dishes making your wedding even “sweeter”.

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