4 Things You Should Never Serve As Your Wedding Food

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4 Things you should never serve as your Wedding food

It may be a sour thing to accept, but people let’s admit to the fact that food is the only thing at your wedding that will be remembered by your guests for ages. Wedding food needs to include all the variety and tastes but apart from that there are quite a few factors which if neglected may ruin your wedding food. WedAbout discusses with you those things which you should never serve as your wedding food.


1. Unhygienic Food

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You would definitely not want your guests to fall ill after chomping your wedding food. Hygiene is one chief thing which should be well fitted in mind during all the processes of food making and serving. It should be made sure that the stocking up of the raw ingredients, cooking and serving everything is done under proper hygienic conditions.


2. Stale Food

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Say a big “no-no” to the stale food getting served at your wedding (even mistakenly). Perishable stuff need to be handled carefully. Especially if you are getting wedded during summers then the chances of your wedding food getting staled gets amplified to manifolds. It is important to check that neither the raw nor the cooked food served is out of date.


3. Food with Messy Presentation

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Good food not only means good taste but moreover includes good texture and presentation too. It is a great deal to give your wedding food a classic touch by presenting it in the best manner. Neatness, cleanliness and style are the governing factors of first-rate presentation of your wedding food.


4. Quantity: “Unquantified”

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A well budgeted wedding includes a planned budget for catering too. For which it is very important to quantify the food according to the guests invited. It helps in getting an approx range of figure in which the wedding food is to be prepared so that the food is sufficient enough for your guests’ appetite to satisfy (neither too less nor too much).


You may always be sure of what you are going to serve your guests on your wedding day. But you ought to be doubly sure on what is NOT to be served as your wedding food. Mull over the points mentioned above and save your wedding food from getting messed up.


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