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Wedding Choreography: Learn from Ayushi Khanna-WedAbout

“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.”

And that’s the importance of dancing. It has been described as the hidden language of the soul. And what’s better than dancing on a wedding. A wedding is a fun-filled event where we create beautiful memories with our Family and friends. Especially Indian weddings have many rituals involving everyone singing and dancing.

wedding choreography

Pic Credit: Dipak Studio

A wedding involves not just the bride and the groom but also their entire extended family. Just imagine the fun it would be to have your entire family perform on your wedding. But How to manage that with the busy schedule of everyone.

Wedding choreography

We have a solution for all this, Our wedding choreography expert Ms Ayushi Khanna. WedAbout had an elaborated discussion with her. She is a Professionally Trained Certified Dancer and a Wedding Choreographer. As a Professional in the Industry, she brings many years of Technical Proficiency and Teaching Expertise to her practice. She has been professionally trained in Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Bollywood.

Wedding choreography

Read along to know more about Ayushi Khanna and her expert advice on wedding Choreography.

Interviewer: How long have you been into this Profession?

Ayushi:. Dancing has always been a childhood dream for me. I have learnt around 12-13 dance styles. I have been professionally trained in Jazz, Ballet, Bollywood & Contemporary with certification. I have also been a part of the Great Indian Nautanki Pvt. Ltd. The company, Kingdom of dreams as a Performer. With all the training of Stage work, teacher training, making concepts of what looks good on stage, I thought of taking my passion to next level and became a Wedding Choreographer. I have been into this Profession for more than 2 years now and enjoying way too much!


Interviewer: Which were the most beautiful Weddings and the storylines you covered so far?

Ayushi: All my wedding projects had been beautiful in its own way as all the projects had different storylines which I make it more entertaining with my creative ideas. One of it was-

The bride & groom had a long distance relationship. For their performance, I made a storyline showing their concept with songs like, “mere piyaa Gaye Rangoon waha se Kiya hai telephone”, “Saat samundar paar main tere”, “ye Raat Aur ye doori” with the flavour of some Shayari in the middle to connect the storyline.

So with all that drama, the performance became super entertaining for the audience. This makes the clients really happy. That happy face is all that matters!!

Wedding choreography

Pic Credit: Lakshya Manwani Photography

Interviewer: What is the most wonderful thing you realise about Indian wedding?

Ayushi: The most wonderful thing is that everyone in the family wants to perform for the beautiful Bride & Groom, to make their evening more Special and memorable.

I would want to give an example-

Especially the mom & dad of the bride when there was a trend of the song, “Banno re banno meri Chali Sasural..”, which got tears in the eyes of the bride. It is a beautiful moment when a performance touches people’s heart.

Wedding choreography

Wedding choreography

Interviewer:. How do you proceed with a Destination Wedding? What things do you keep in mind while preparing the family members for a Destination Wedding?

Ans. Destination Wedding does not complete without the idea of same T-shirts, the bride and groom side wearing with different prints, ladkiwale & ladkewale badges, caps, and what Not!!

Those 2-3 days should be fun and special for the couple!! It totally depends on people’s choices if they want a theme around the performances with different props.

If the family is available in Delhi itself, I start the practices and try to finish as much as possible. There is fun involved in practice sessions so that there is no chaos in the end days of the rehearsals. They are clear with what they have to perform.

If the family wants to start with their practice sessions at the venue itself like 2-3 days prior to the performance day, then I prefer discussing with them all the songs. Editing is done in advance, so that again there is no chaos in the end.

Wedding choreography

Pic Credit: Dipak Studio

Wedding choreography

Interviewer:. How big is your team?

Ans. All the Choreographers have a picture in their mind what they want to teach on a particular song. Different choreographers, different pictures with different styles & opinion and way of teaching. So I feel its better and convenient to teach alone. Only I know what I have to teach and how the performance should give its outcome. If its required, I get my assistants along.

Wedding choreography

Pic Credit: Dipak Studio

Interviewer: How did you become interested in Choreographing?

Ans. I dance from my Childhood and wanted to become a choreographer. That love for teaching dance is like happiness in my entire soul. I feel super happy when somebody appreciates my work. I love being in this profession.

Wedding choreography

Pic Credit: Dipak Studio

Interviewer: What are the new trends in wedding choreography nowadays?

Ans. Nowadays, apart from performing for the audience which usually everybody loves to, people are going more for lip-dub videos and Pre-wedding Shoots.

Lip-dub video is like a song from a Karan Johar film like, “bole choodiyaa..” or “maahi ve..”, enacted by the family members on a “mehendi function”. It’s like a performance for the camera by different family members. It can also be done in different other ways with few friends too.

Pre-wedding Shoots, as the name suggests, takes place before the wedding functions start. It is that time when the bride and groom get to enjoy their time together while getting their candid shots for their special day.

People nowadays are also wanting big props in their performances. This has huge frames or big hearts on wheels. Flower shot machines, Colour bombs, background dancers, grand entry of the bride and groom, and the list never ends of new trends!

Pic credit- Design Aqua

Pic credit- Design Aqua

Wedding choreography

Interviewer: What makes you unique from rest of the Choreographers?

Ans. I believe in “Entertainment” more than just a normal performance. A normal performance can be a little boring for the guests watching. When I choreograph, I always have this thing in my mind. The audience’s eyes should be stuck at the performances and not at the food while people are performing. This can be done only if the performances are entertaining. So, in between the songs, I try to put in some attractive or funny dialogues or some props. After all, the evening should be a memorable one!!

Interviewer: How flexible are you with the customer?

Ans. It totally depends on the customer. How much time they need and the no. of sessions required. I provide dance videos to them. this way, they don’t forget the choreography. Until the time they are perfect and satisfied, I keep giving sessions. As after all, it’s my work and I love getting appreciated for my work.

Wedding choreography

Interviewer: What kind of fun do you usually cover during the preparation?

Ans. During the dance preparations, all the family members get together. One by one, every group starts to learn their part of the performance. The others enjoy while watching their closed ones dance. They make fun of each other, how the family is basically.

Together learning dance is super fun for the family members as well as for the choreographer. When everybody gets together in a “Shaadiwala Ghar” to ronaq toh lagegi hi!! 

Wedding choreography

Pic Credit: Dipak Studio

Wedding choreography

Pic Credit: Dipak Studio

Interviewer: According to you, which is more fun, destination wedding or regular wedding?

Ans. Both are fun, but obviously, Destination Wedding is more fun. Everybody is available on those 2-3 days to have fun together. They don’t have any tension of going back home. They learn the choreography and enjoy fully!

Wedding choreography

Question: Why is it necessary to have a Sangeet or Mehendi Dance performance?

Ayushi: It is definitely necessary to have a mehendi or sangeet dance performance. An event or wedding function is incomplete without the fun and drama of the family members. To make the evening more special for the bride and groom, the family and the friends perform with their hearts out!! The dance performances give a spark to the sangeet ceremony and enlighten the mood of all and entertain the guests as well!!

Wedding choreography

Wedding choreography

Final Question: Suggestions you would like to give to the family & friends during their Performance.

Ayushi: I just tell them to enjoy more with the dance steps in mind as it’s not a competition so no tension. As they will enjoy, the audience will definitely enjoy! Sometimes, I help them out during their performance too by showing few steps and giving them confidence 🙂

Wedding choreography

Pic Credit: CoolBluez Photography

So, here we are at the end of this Interview. Hope all the young Bride-to-be got few ideas about wedding choreography.

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