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What Does A Wedding Planner Do?

Wedding is undoubtedly one of the most vital and memorable day in a couple’s life. You and your partner surely don’t want to leave any stone un turned to give your wedding the best form which may be possible. This task of yours can be simplified with the help of a wedding event planner.

Wedding planner is the one who has the responsibility for the perfect designing, management, and planning of a couple’s wedding. Wedding planners are often hired by to-be married couple who have working hours and are not able to devote much time for their wedding arrangements like venues and other stuff.

Why Should I hire a wedding planner?

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 If you are planning to hire a wedding planner you are making a valuable investment. If you will try to do it all on your own, there is no guarantee that everything will go according to your plan. But, with a wedding event planner, you can navigate the unexpected with poise and grace, no matter what comes up.

What does a Wedding planner do ?

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Wedding event planner’s job includes greeting vendors and directing them to their proper places, managing the marriage area,  giving assistance in the works on the wedding day and looking after all the arrangements and tackling problems if any on the wedding day.

He/she acts as those tunnel lights which guides through the darkness to bring your ride to the illuminated path, that is, he/she faces all the difficulties and obstacles that may arise during the marriage preparation and take all the client’s burden on his/her shoulder for the client’s wedding to shine like a supernova.

Whether you need incredible advice or a proper organisation, a wedding event planner is always there to give you that extra hand that many couple need.

Initial Consultation

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The initial consultation between the client and the Indian wedding planner lays down the foundation. It clarifies what all are the expectations of the client which the wedding event planner is required to fulfill. On the first meeting mostly wedding event planners make you aware of their packages which can be customized with your needs and requirements.

A wedding planner may be chosen as per the requirements of the client. If the client wants an assistance from the base to top, then he may hire a Full-service wedding planner. A Full-service wedding planner guides the client from the colors of flowers and lights to the decision in choosing the wedding venue.

In case you want assistance on the wedding day, clients may hire a Day-of coordinator. He/she remains in contact with the client but appears in the field only at the wedding day.

The Santa for the guests and the client

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A wedding planner is the one to whom the job to keep all the guests satisfied and happy rest upon. That is the gifts to be given, the best makeup artists, the selection of attractive dress code if any all lies onto him/her. In case of a plan that goes unexpected, it’s the wedding event planner who brings back the smile on the guests’ face by having a backup plan B.

Manages Unruly guest

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Now, if you are a familiar Indian wedding audience, this won’t be any surprise for you. Care has to be taken so that the unruly guests are provided coffee and kindly moved out of the spotlight so as to remain unnoticeable by the bride and the groom so that their enjoyment and peace is not disrupted.

Incorporates of a detailed timeline

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A wedding planner takes the responsibility of a detailed timeline including the photographer’s timeline, decorator’s timeline DJ/Band timeline etc. including their own timeline in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly for the entire duration of the wedding.

It is advised to take down not just the wedding event planners’ landline numbers but also their cell numbers in case of emergency. The best wedding planner acts as a walkie-talkie to make sure that things are well connected and coordinated.

Offers wedding decor ideas

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A wedding without a proper decoration is like a pizza without a chopping! You may have a plethora of ideas for your wedding day but may find it difficult to realise and execute the same in reality. A wedding event planner again comes for your rescue here!. He/she offers you various decor ideas ranging from minimalist and simple to colourful and quirky and also suggests you many themes for your wedding decor according to your venue.

Handles the invitation

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From finalising the designs to ordering and mailing, a wedding planner helps you in managing your invitations perfectly. Moreover, we all are aware of the fact of how stressful it is to track the RSVP but with the wedding planner by your side, this task too simplifies.

Schedule meetings

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So many vendors and artisans to handle at the same time? Having trouble fixing dates and appointments. Tick this off too from your to-do list with the wedding planner by your side.

The best wedding planner is always two days ahead and thus he/she will take this task also of scheduling any vendor or venue meeting leading to the big day.

Manages the wedding day

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A wedding planner is a perfect manager for your wedding day. From handling the deliveries to supervising the vendors, a wedding event planner shoulders all the responsibilities. He/she also helps you by suggesting creative and innovative wedding planning ideas like bride/groom entry etc.

Indian weddings are notorious for their last-minute blunders. A wedding event planner takes care that all the emergencies are handled carefully and everything runs smoothly. He/she uses all of  his/her might to make that magical day come true before your eyes that you always envisioned.

Serves as your spokesperson

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It is difficult to deal with all the vendors and family members at the same time. A wedding event planner acts as your spokesperson conveying all your whims and desires to the relative persons. Sometimes there are certain conversations and compromises that need to happen.

The best wedding planner makes sure that he/she becomes your voice and helps in providing clarification so that everyone is on the same page and there are no disagreements.

Wins the guests with great hospitality

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The wedding weekend experience is what your guests are going to cherish the most. A wedding event planner makes sure that it is an experience worth remembering. Thus he/she would take immense care to book comfortable rooms and to make proper arrangement for the guest. If you are planning for a destination wedding, a destination wedding planner will take care that the new place only unveils its beauty and no unwanted experience or casualty happens.

From welcoming with a delightful message and pampering to handling the luggage and medical facilities everything is under the scrutiny of the wedding event planner. He/she takes care of the check-in efficiency and special requirement if any.

Ensures proper testing and time management

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The wedding day acts like the battlefield for the wedding planner who as the leader makes sure that all the soldiers are ready to win the same. He/she takes care that all the vendors are well aware and decided on how and what services have to be provided. the wedding planner also makes sure that all the artisans are on time and all the requirements are met.

By prior testing and efficient time management, the Indian wedding planner makes sure that everything comes together to make your big day best and even more colourful.

Manages wedding day finances

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Planning and overseeing the budget is not the only task of the wedding event planner. The best wedding planner also keeps the track of how much and when are the payments needed to be processed to the concern parties. He/she lessens this burdens of yours by making sure that no payment deadlines are missed.

Handles wedding rituals and ceremonies

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For an Indian wedding planner it is important to know about the culture and rituals of the client he/she is working for and with the proper knowledge of whereabouts of an Indian wedding, the guests remain satisfied with his work.

Helps in planning Honeymoon

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Yeah! Not only your wedding is in the list of your wedding planner but the best wedding planners also helps you in deciding your honeymoon plans and trips with their experience and expertise.

Post-wedding endeavour

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So all the ceremonies and merriment ended  with achieving an entire storehouse of memories? The vidai ceremony led to the happy ending of the journey? Not for your wedding planner!! He/she is still in action wrapping up things. The wedding planner takes the duty of making sure that all the personal properties and gifts are well protected and not forgotten. Even if it is not the wedding planner’s task he/she reminds the concerned person to look after the same so that nothing destroys the end pleasure.

Even after your marriage is done the work of the wedding planner doesn’t completes there and then. From your entry to the exit off the venue he/she will wrap-up everything even after you are married happily.

Turns magic into reality

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Yes!! The wedding planner surely turns the magic into reality by making your dream ideas about your wedding day come true. The immense contribution of the wedding planner enables you to remain insulated from the hustle-bustle and difficult and pressured situations so that you are only exposed to joy-making by engaging with your relatives and friends.

The best wedding planner shoulders the responsibility of filling each and every moment of yours with priceless and unforgettable emotions.


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